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Rex is a multipurpose bot which can moderate your server, play games with you, tell you jokes and memes, it has an economy system and many more!

USER COMMANDS: hello - Says Hello Back

about - Bot Introduces Itself

youtube - Browses YouTube

google - Browses Google

RPS start - Starts A Rock Paper Scissor Game

avatar - Shows the avatar of the mentioned user

serverinfo - Gives Information About Server

meme - Shows Random Memes

battle - Plays a fun battle game

freenitro - Pranks A User in the name of free nitro xD

casino - Plays a Casino Game

newticket - Plays The Role Of ModMail by creating new channel for contacting staff.

say - says a message on your behalf in the channel with your avatar and name embedded.

announce - The bot announces the message in that particular channel without embedding your name or avatar.

wyr - Plays a fun ‘would you rather’ game.

emoji - Replies with a random emoji.

hack - Pranks the mentioned user in the name of hacking.

lovecheck - Checks the love level between you and the mentioned user.

invite - Gives the invitation link for the bot.

userinfo - Gives information about the mentioned user.

parentserver - Gives a link for the bot’s parent server.

founderinfo - Gives Information About the developer of the bot. setmyserver - (For new servers) The bot customizes your whole server with new channels and roles. You can’t undo once used this command.

recentupdate - Shows the latest features added

Don’t forget to use the prefix (rex) before each command!

pokemon - Random Pokemon Battles Between bot and the user!

dadjoke - Generates random father and children jokes.

spawnpokemon - Spawns a Random Pokemon

tti - Converts your text (upto 8 words) into an image with custom font. Over 30 customized fonts available.

stats - Shows Bot’s stats and Information like website, support server, guilds count , etc.

8ball - Ask bots questions about the future and it will make predictions!

weather - Check weather of any city if you are too lazy to search for it XD

afk - Incase you’re AFK, bot will set it and if anyone will ping you in that particular server, bot will inform the user that you’re AFK with the reason.

stopafk - Use this command to disable AFK.


kick - Kicks The Mentioned User

ban - Bans The Mentioned User

unban - Unban a banned user by typing his user ID next to this command.

mute - Mutes The Mentioned User. Make sure you have a role with the exact name “Muted” (First alphabet to be in cap) which is above the member role and below the bot’s role for this command to function.

unmute - Unmutes the mentioned user

purge - clears the amount of messages entered in the particular channel.

warn - Warns The Mentioned User In His DM.

role - Gives the tagged role to the Mentioned User.

changenickname - Changes the nickname of the mentioned member.

deletechannel <channel name without #>- Deletes the named channel.
channel lock - Locks the channel in which command is executed such that only admins can send messages.

channel unlock - Unlocks a channel which is locked.

For user commands, type rex!help .

For economy commands, type rex!economyhelp .


work - Work as random professions and earn money.

crime - Rob stores and companies to earn money.

leaderboard - Shows the richest users of the server.

give - Only for admins, this feature gives an amount of money to the mentioned user.

remove - Same as give, but this time it takes money instead of giving.

bal - Check your balance by using this command. You can also check the balance of a user by mentioning him next to this command.

daily - Get a daily reward money.

shop - Spend the money you have earned by buying items from this shop!

inventory - To get a list of items that you have purchased from the shop.

weekly - Same as daily, but this command can be used only once a week with higher range than that of daily!

rob - Rob the mentioned user.

cases - Cases are some mystery boxes that you can purchase and open. On opening they give you a random amount of money.

pay - Pay a certain amount of money to any user in the server.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.