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Created by: Kururin#6032
Short link: discord.ly/rinbot
Guess the Anime: anime quiz / trivia game. In this game you have to guess the title of the anime in screenshot, video clip or audio fragment. Caps are taken from thousands of different anime!

RinBot hosts a discord game where the goal is to guess the title of the anime captured in the screenshot, video clip or audio fragment.

For every round she will give you 5 different captures of a randomly selected anime.

After the 3rd capture hints of the title will also be given, to make it a little easier.

You can just type down any guess in the channel!

You will have to guess about 75% of the words in the title correctly in order to win.


To start a new round:

  • !sg for a completely randomly selected anime
  • !sg 1999 for anime from the year 1999 and up
  • !sg 1999 2003 for anime from between the year 1999 and 2003

You can also use !sgv in order to get video clips or !sga to get audio fragments of openings/endings!

If you would like stop the current round, just type !stopg . To prevent abuse there is a 5 minute cooldown on this command per player.

To see top players on the current server use !alltop for all-time or !weektop for the last 7 days.