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RSM by Clicks - Moderation made simple
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RSM by Clicks
Moderation made simple

[@] = Mention | [T] = Text | [N] = Number | [R] = Role | [C] = Channel | [ ?] = Optional


m!info [T?] - Shows all commands and info. Give [T] for mobile.
m!settings - Shows your servers log settings.
m!user [@?] - Shows information about a user.
m!contact [T ] - Sends [T] to the staff team for support.
m!suggest [T ] - Sends [T] to the staff team to review suggestions, and get sent out for voting in the support server.
m!setlog [C ] - Sets your servers log channel to [C].
m!ping - Checks the bots ping time.
m!ignore [@RC?] - Stops logging all [@] mentions, [R] roles, and [C] channels you list. Provide none to log everywhere.
m!punish [@?] - Punishes a user - gives you a UI of what punishment to give.
m!server - Shows information about a server.
m!role [R ] - Shows you information about a role.
m!role [@ ] - Lets you edit [@]'s roles.
m!viewas [@ ] - Shows the server as a [@] would - Lists channels and categories they can see.


m!warn [@?] [T?] - Warns [@] with the reason [T].
m!clear [@?] [N?] - Clears [N] messages sent by [@].
m!kick [@?] [T?] - Kicks [@] with reason [T].
m!softban [@?] [T?] - Softbans [@] with reason [T].
m!ban [@?] [T?] - Bans [@] with reason [T].
m!purge [N?] - Clears [N] messages from the channel.


m!slowmode [N?] - Sets the channel slowmode to [N]. Toggles slowmode if [N] is not provided.
m!lock [T?] - Locks the channel - all roles without manage_messages will lose the send_messages permission. do m!lock off to disable.
m!unlock - Same as doing m!lock off
m!raid [T?] - Puts your server into lockdown. All roles lose the send_messages permission if they do not have manage_messages. A new channel is created to store your current role permissions in the event of a bug. do m!raid off to end a raid.

(Trello)[https://trello.com/b/pBvhvzbY/rsm] | (Invite)[https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=715989276382462053&permissions=499510486&response_type=code&scope=bot] | (Support)[https://discord.gg/bPaNnxe]

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