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Created by: !!Thomas#3820
Sasuke is a multifunctional discord bot, which also has a dashboard for better use, Enjoy its Functions.


Sasuke is a multipurpose bot with many functions.


Sasuke has a Customizable Suggestion System, Welcome and Farewell System. (More Infon Here.) [https://docs.sasukebot.ml/system/]


Sasuke has many commands for Moderation or for Fun on your server. (More Infon Here.) [https://docs.sasukebot.ml/commands/]


Sasuke also has a Dashboard where most of the functions of your server are managed. (More Infon Here.) [https://www.sasukebot.ml/]


If you were looking for a stable bot here you have Sasuke is a very stable bot and with active Supervisors to solve any problem. (More Infon Here.) [http://status.sasukebot.ml/]

Add Sasuke to Your server

Don't forget to add Sasuke to your Server. (More Infon Here.)[https://docs.sasukebot.ml/starting/invite-sasuke]