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Ultimate Discord Defender: Anti-Nuke, Anti-Raid, Auto-Moderation, Verification Captcha, Custom Permissions, Logs & More! 💪🔒🤖
Security FAQ
Experience Ultimate Discord Server Protection for FREE with Security Bot
Safeguarding over 390,000 Discord servers, Security Bot is your go-to, comprehensive solution for defending against nuking, raiding, and other malicious activities. With its array of verification features, bot accounts are effectively blocked, while unauthorized users are swiftly identified and denied access. The advanced anti-nuke system deters permission abuse, while the fully-customizable anti-raid algorithm offers an additional layer of defense. Plus, with Security’s adaptive moderation commands, server owners maintain full control, ensuring a safe and secure environment

Security Bot Interface


Security offers three different types of verification to help prevent bot accounts from accessing your server and causing harm. Unverified users are assigned a role that must be completed through verification steps in order to be removed. You can select any of the available verification types to suit your needs.

Verification Types
  • Web Captcha (HCaptcha)
  • Captcha Code
  • One-Click Verification
Captcha Code

Generate a customizable captcha inside Discord to block alts and bot accounts, choose from a range of difficulty levels and set advanced customizable settings to ensure maximum security.

  • Timeout
  • Switchable Code Length (4-8)
  • Customizable Color
  • Drawn Lines Behind Letters (0-3)
  • Case Sensitivity on/off
  • Numbers on/off

Captcha Code Example

Anti Raid

Protect your server from raiders by configuring a score-based anti-raid system. Punish raiders and alt accounts in a matter of seconds, and customize the scores to optimize the system. Set the duration of punishments and determine whether your channels should be locked or remain open. Establish which raiders should be bypassed, and customize the system to best suit the needs of your server.

How does Anti Raid work?

Anti Raid uses a scoring system to protect your server. The server’s score is reset every X minutes, and when a user joins, Security checks them. Depending on your settings, the server score will increase. When the score reaches your set limit, Anti Raid will activate and punish raiders, as well as lock your server channels.

Who should use Anti Raid?

Anti Raid is designed to provide lightning-fast protection against raids of any size, completely free of charge. It’s perfect for medium to large servers, ensuring that your server remains safe and secure.

What factors does Anti Raid check?
  1. Account Age
  2. Profile Picture
  3. Time between the last two joins

Anti Raid Interface

Anti Nuke

Security Bot’s Anti-Nuke System ensures the safe usage of dangerous actions in your server. If the limits are exceeded, a pre-defined punishment will be applied, and the bot will alert the server owner and log the incident in the log channels for further review. You can customize the punishment types for different actions, so that the appropriate action is taken for each infraction.

What actions does Security Bot consider as potentially dangerous?
  • Adding Bots
  • Banning Members
  • Kicking Members
  • Giving Dangerous Roles
  • Updating Dangerous Roles
  • Deleting Channels
  • Creating Channels
  • Deleting Roles
  • Creating Roles
  • Changing Vanity Code
  • Creating Webhooks
  • Mentioning @everyone & @here
What are punishments?

Users are penalized when they exceed the permissible limit for performing an action

Punishment Types
  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Clearing Roles

Punishment Interface


Security Bot allows you to whitelist trusted users, helping to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the system and bypass any imposed limits.

Things You Can Whitelist
  • Role
  • User
  • Channel

Whitelist Interface

Server Scan

Security Bot has a /scan command which takes an in-depth look into your server and provides detailed reports on any potential security risks, as well as suggesting potential solutions for any issues identified.

The Command Checks:
  • Anti Nuke Settings
  • Anti Raid Settings
  • Verification Settings
  • Roles with Administrator permission
  • Not-Punishable Roles
  • Dangerous Bot Roles

Server Scan Interface


Security Bot has an independent moderation system that works based on custom permissions, allowing users to have ~zero Discord permissions while still having access to moderation commands. This system is limitable and anti-nuke limits are applied to prevent abuse. Additionally, users can have individual permissions tailored to their needs, providing the safest way of moderating.

  • /Ban
  • /Softban
  • /Unban
  • /Kick
  • /Mute
  • /Unmute
  • /Clear
  • /Lock
  • /Unlock
  • /Lockall
  • /Unlockall

Moderation Interface


Monitor and log all activities, including moderator actions and attempted nukes and raids on the server, to gain an understanding of what happened, when it happened, and who was responsible. Doing so will help ensure that similar events are prevented in the future.

Log Types
  • Moderation Logs
    • Command usages
  • Security Logs
    • Anti nuke actions
    • Anti raid actions

Logs Interface

Web Dashboard

You can easily customize all of your security settings using Security’s intuitive web dashboard.

Things you can do using the dashboard:
  • Verifying yourself in your unverified servers.
  • Managing your custom bots.
  • Managing your premium servers.
  • Updating Anti Nuke settings.
  • Customizing Anti Raid settings.
  • Setting up verification and customizing captcha settings.
  • Giving and taking permissions.
  • Adding log channels.
  • Whitelisting users, roles and channels.
  • and more.


Web Dashboard

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Security Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Security to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Security Discord Bot' on this page.

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