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Security Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the full list of Frequently Asked Questions for the Security Discord Bot with this guide. Easily navigate through the FAQs and find the perfect answer to your needs.

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How I can setup the bot?

You can either use the dashboard or / commands to setup the bot, to start with slash commands, use /help

What is anti role update, and how it works?

When someone gives administrative permissions to a role, Security will punish the user and takes the permission from the role.

What is anti role add, and how it works?

When someone gives another use a dangerous role, Security will punish the responsible user as well as removing the role from the user who has got the role.

What is punishment, and what are punishment types?

When someone reaches the maximum limit of an action, Security will punish the user, available punishment types are: Kick, Ban and Remove Role.

What is whitelist, should I add unknown users to this list?

Security doesn’t punish those users who have been whitelisted, which means that they can bypass the limits, so don’t add unknown users to this list.

What is the best position for the bot to work perfectly?

We suggest to move Security’s role to the highest possible position, so it can warn/punish every member on your server when they caught while reaching the limit of an action.