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Created by: SirH#4297
A bot that will give tips and help for the mobile/Steam game, Cell to Singularity.

Who is Semblance?
-Semblance is an AI from the educational and epic idle game, Cell to Singularity, to which she runs the Reality Engine and all the simulations.

What's her purpose as a bot?
-She will give tips and help for the game, as well as a tweet function so you can stay on track with what the developers have been up to.

What are her commands and what does each command do?

-Primary Commands
+help - Gives a list of all the available commands that Semblance has.
+dinos - Gives information on how to reach the Mesozoic Valley in the game and benefits of it.
+singularity - Explains what the Singularity in the game is, what's the purpose, and what power you have bestowed upon yourself by reaching Singularity.
+trex - Gives info on what rank in the Mesozoic Valley you have to be to unlock the T-rex.
+reboot - Explains what the reboot/prestige option is and what's the benefit of using it.
+music - Gives an embedded link to where all the in-game music is online.
+beyond - Semblance will tell you about the amazing update, The Beyond, that is soon to come and "say" the release date.
+currency - Gives a list of all the in-game currency and what each one's purpose is within the game.
+sharks - Gives a list of all the sharks that can be obtained within the game.
+simstats - Tells you where to find your Simulation Statistics in the game.
+gametransfer - Gives a step by step tutorial to using the Game Transfer feature in the game.

-Misc Commands
+mischelp - Gives a list of miscellaneous commands.
+ping - Semblance will ping you with a silly message.
+remindme <time ex: 1h20m15s> <reminder> - set's a reminder(max is 24 hours).
+latency - Gives the speed of the bot's response time, API, and the uptime.
+membercount - Provides how many members are within the server.
+serverinfo <server id/name optional(only works with servers that Semblance is in)> - Provides information on the server like owner name, region, the number of categories, text, and voice channels, number of members and roles, role list, and server creation date.
+profile <id/mention(optional)> - Gives info on the user in the server(or other servers that have Semblance).
+credits - Tells you who were all the people who helped with this bot.

-Admin Commands
+ahelp - Gives a list of all available admin commands for Semblance.
+tweet <inputTwitterNameHere> - Will post a tweet from ComputerLunch by default or another twitter account if given input.
+setup - sets up the custom emojis for the bot if not done so already.
+bonusSetup - sets up extra emojis for the server if desired.
+automod <true or false> - Toggles Semblance's ability to auto-delete inappropriate language and warn repeated behavior.