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Invite Semblance Bot to your server and get tips and help for the mobile/Steam game, Cell to Singularity. Discover the power of Semblance Discord Bot.

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Semblance Discord Bot Described:

A bot that will give tips and help for the mobile/Steam game, Cell to Singularity.
Who is Semblance?

Semblance is an AI from the educational and epic idle game, Cell to Singularity, to which she runs the Reality Engine and all the simulations.

What’s her purpose as a bot?

She will give tips and help for the game, as well as a tweet function so you can stay on track with what the developers have been up to.

What are her commands and what does each command do?
- Primary Commands

s!help - Gives a list of all the available commands that Semblance has.

s!dinos - Gives information on how to reach the Mesozoic Valley in the game and the benefits of it.

s!singularity - Explains what the Singularity in the game is, what’s the purpose, and what power you have bestowed upon yourself by reaching Singularity.

s!trex - Gives info on what rank in the Mesozoic Valley you have to be to unlock the T-rex.

s!geodes - Provides a comparison between different level geodes; explains the best geode.

s!reboot - Explains what the reboot/prestige option is and what’s the benefit of using it.

s!music - Gives an embedded link to where all the in-game music is online.

s!beyond - Semblance will tell you about the amazing update, The Beyond, that is soon to come and “say” the release date.

s!currency - Gives a list of all the in-game currency and what each one’s purpose is within the game.

s!sharks - Gives a list of all the sharks that can be obtained within the game.

s!simstats - Tells you where to find your Simulation Statistics in the game.

s!gametransfer - Gives a step by step tutorial to using the Game Transfer feature in the game.

- Other C2S Things

s!feedback - Provides the C2S dev email for in-game feedback.

s!largenumbers - Provides info on custom input that can be done with the 2 calculator commands.

s!metahelp - Provides help with the use of the metacalc and metacalcrev command.

s!itemhelp - Provides help with the use of the itemcalc and itemcalcrev command.

s!metaspeedcalc - Calculates the earnings multiplier of your simulation with the input of metabits you provide.

s!codes - Provides all of the ingame codes that give darwinium.

s!roles - Provides a list of roles for the C2S server explaining how to obtain them.

s!metacalc - Calculates the number of metabits you’ll gain from the entropy and idea accumulation that you input.

s!metacalcrev - Does the reverse of metacalc and will take in metabit input and provide the accumulation needed.

s!itemcalc - Calculates the cost of any factory upgrade in the game with # of levels and starting level input.

s!itemcalcrev - Does the reverse of itemcalc but takes in currency input instead to calculate the number of levels that you’re able to obtain.

- Latest C2S updates

s!update - Provides info on the latest update for the game, C2S.

s!beta - Provides info on the latest beta for the game, C2S.

- Semblance Info

s!info - Gives more detailed information on Semblance, like the number of servers she’s in, total members from all of the servers, etc.

s!changelog - Provides information on the latest update that Semblance has received.

s!latency - Gives the speed of the bot’s response time, API, and uptime.

s!leaderboard - Shows a leaderboard of the top voters for Semblance.

- Misc Commands

s!mischelp - Gives a list of miscellaneous commands.

s!ping - Semblance will ping you with a silly message.

s!rps <rock, paper, or scissors> - Play rock, paper, scissors against Semblance.

s!8ball - Ask Semblance any question and she’ll answer it.

s!afk - Makes a user AFK and will remind others that the user is AFK if pinged.

s!remindme <time ex: 1h20m15s> - sets a reminder(max is 24 hours).

s!membercount - Provides how many members are within the server.

s!serverinfo - Provides information on the server like owner name, region, the number of categories, text, and voice channels, number of members and roles, role list, and server creation date.

s!avatar <userID/Mention> - Provides a full image of a user’s avatar.

s!profile <id/mention(optional)> - Gives info on the user in the server(or other servers that have Semblance).

s!invite - No arguments will provide an invite link for Semblance, c2s provides c2s server link, and support provides support server for Semblance.

s!vote - Provides links to where you can vote for Semblance.

s!patreon - Provides link to my Patreon page.

s!credits - Tells you who were all the people who helped with this bot.

- Admin Commands

s!ahelp - Gives a list of all available admin commands for Semblance.

s!lookup - Search user, emoji, or channel id, and search server invites.

s!emojis - Adds emojis to the server that the bot uses in its commands.

s!rolereact - Role react creates a message that will allow users to gain a role you specify(either id or mention) by reacting to the message with the specified emoji. Disclaimer: The role-react message will stop working when the bot either updates or restarts, so only use this for temporary use…

s!say - Make announcements to any channel with Semblance, also, you can embed the message by adding ‘embed’ to the end of the message.

s!embed <optional: help> - starts the embed creator setup and adding ‘help’ as an argument in the command will show how to use the embed command properly.

RNG-Based Idle-Game

All details for the game are explained through s!game help and s!game about.


Some commands might not be listed here and are only listed within the commands: s!help(Primary), s!ahelp(Admin/Moderators), and s!mischelp(Other/Fun).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Semblance Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Semblance to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Semblance Discord Bot' on this page.

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