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Require users to fill out a captcha before being able to talk. Verification, alt detection, anti raid/phishing. Used by big Crypto/NFT
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Captcha.bot makes it easy for you to secure your server from automated raids and spammers while being non-intrusive. Captcha.bot is the largest and battle tested verification bot on Discord.

Great for:

  • Crypto servers
  • NFT servers
  • Web3 communities
  • Personal servers
  • Creator communities
  • Game servers

Captcha.bot is easy for users

Easy for users

Setup Process

Detailed instructions for setting up Captcha.bot in your Discord server can be found here

Verification Methods

Captcha.bot currently provides two verification methods for server administrators to choose from. Users can verify they are a human with our web verification portal or with our image based captchas. Please do note that our web verification is much harder for bots to bypass.

Web Verification

Web DM

Image Verification

Image DM

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