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20.5k upvotes in January
Requires users to verify by filling out a captcha before being able to talk and getting roles. Custom verification, alt detection, anti raid, and anti phishing

Server Captcha Bot

Server Captcha Bot makes it easy for you to secure your server from automated raids and spammers while being non-intrusive. Server Captcha Bot is one of the largest and battle tested verification bot on Discord.

Not verified

Setup Process

1: Invite the bot to your server <br>
2: Run the /checklist slash command. This command provides all the necessary steps to setup a server. <br>
3: Edit each channels permissions (or just the @everyone role) to deny @everyone from viewing while allowing the Verified role to view. <br>
4: That’s it!<br>

Advanced configuration

If you want a logs channel you can setup a logs channel with /config logs set:Your Channel.

Server Captcha Bot currently provides two verification methods for server administrators to choose from. Users can verify they are a human with our web verification portal or with our image based captchas. Please do note that our web verification is much harder for bots to bypass.

Web Verification

Web DM

Image Verification

Image DM

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