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1 upvotes in January
The best furry discord bot on discord ?

Sheri is not just any ordinary bot you can find on Discord. Her primary mission is to help people, to give to her community, one command at a time.

From her social features to her utilities and image commands, she can make any lonely crowd feel loved.
She has a unique set of interaction commands, miscellaneous fun commands which are hard to find in other bots, and her own globl ref sheet system.
One of Sheri’s most prominent features is her registration system, which makes introducing members to each other easier and can help deter unwanted visitors.

Everyone enjoys Sheri because she isn’t just a bot. Sheri was created by love and passion, pain and sacrifice, and with a desire to give back to those who created her: The very community she serves.
What are you waiting for? Add Sheri to your server today and experience a different world: the world where the users are put first.

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Prefix: fur
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Waspyeh#0615
Short link: discord.ly/sheri-blossom