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Full Shrek Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Meme commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Shrek Discord Bot Described:

A fun “meme” bot based on Shrek with many commands like meme that sends a random meme from r/shrekmemes

this bot is a meme bot based on the character shrek. It was made because all of the bots out there either don’t work or are offline. It has a number fun commands and I try to improve this bot all the time.

• features This bot has a number of cool commands that you can use and I add more all the time One of the main features of this bot is that there is a meme command that gets a random meme from the r/shrekmemes subreddit and sends it in the channel you requested it.

• commands This is a list of commands that are on this bot as of this time.

Shrek bots default prefix or if the server admin or moderator changed it you would use the custom prefix for that server. If you don’t know what the prefix is for that server you can at Shrek bot and it will give you the server prefix.

• @Shrek#0655 - if you ping the bot it will reply with a message saying what the prefix for that server is and the help command this is intended to be a simple way for users to know how to use the bot. all of these commands will start with the

• help - this command will send an embed in the channel you sent that command with a list of all commands and a summary of how they work.

• about - this command will send an embed in the same channel that you sent that command containing information on the bot like the developers, nickname in the server if there is one, bot’s uptime, bot’s ping, and how to report errors if you encounter any.

• prefix - if you are a general member of the server you use this command in, it will send an embed saying what the prefix is. If you have the manage messages permission it will send you instructions on how to change the prefix, this command will also work if you start your message by ating Shrek bot this is in case you forget the bots prefix and need to change it.

• meme - this command will send an embed in the same channel that you sent the command containing a randomized meme from r/shrekmemes.

• quote - this command will send a message of a randomized Shrek quote from the first Shrek film in the same channel as you sent the command.

• coin - Shrek will flip a coin and then send a message in the same channel as you executed the command with what you got, heads or tails.

• 8ball {question} - this will give a random answer just like an 8ball in the same channel that you execute the command.

• dice - Shrek will roll a dice and then tell you what you rolled on the same channel as you executed the command.

• dance - sends an embed of a Shrek dancing gif to the channel where you executed the command.

• Support If you experience any problems with this bot you can join our support server and follow the instructions on how to report it

• Security and Privacy No data about you is permanently stored this would be violating discords terms of service The only data that is stored as of now is the server Id and prefix, the reason the server I’d is stored is so that the bot has a way to identify that server so that it knows what prefix is for that server

If there is More information is available in the future it will be on Shrek bots website If you stop using this bot and would like your server I’d and prefix to be deleted following the instructions on the support server

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Shrek Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Shrek to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Shrek Discord Bot' on this page.

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