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Sierra Discord Bot Described:

The most multi-purpose bot you'll ever see. Includes economy, mod commands, verification commands, fun commands, you name it!

Command Directory s!help[page number] (no need for space) Section 1 General Commands Section 2 Economy Commands Section 3 Moderation Commands Section 4 Fun Commands Section 5 Premium Commands Section 6 Special, Custom, and SubDirectory Commands Section 7 Music Commands Section 8 Assistance Commands Section 9 XP Commands s!command To view individual command descriptions

Command List: 1 General Commands findid Pings someone from with their ID guildid Finds the ID of the server that you are in identify (ident) Finds the username of an ID info (i) Shows our goal to the Bot Whitelist Verification! invite (inv) Shows the invite for Sierra! listings Shows the websites where Sierra is listed! poll Create a poll! profile (pf),(me) Shows user profile server Shows invite to [ATR] The Regency serverinfo (si) Shows the info of the server

Command List: 2 Economy Commands balance (bal) Shows currency balance (Sierra Deltas) inventory (inv) Shows user inventory of items transfer (trans) s!transfer [ping someone] [amount] Transfers Deltas buy Buys something from the shop shop Shows a list of what you can buy (work in progress) daily Collects daily bonus of Sierra Deltas work Collects a small amount of Sierra Deltas bank shows bank balance deposit deposits Deltas into your bank balance withdraw withdraws Deltas into your wallet balance steal steals Deltas from a user’s wallet balance

Command List: 3 Moderation Commands (Make sure to move the Sierra role higher on the Roles list!) ban (no setup required) bans a user. kick (no setup required) kicks a user. mute (Check s!setup) mutes a user unmute (Check s!setup) unmutes a user

Command List: 4 Fun Commands chopsticks Shows the chopsticks emoji dice Rolls a six-sided die holy Shows the holy grenade meme howcute Shows cuteness, 1-10 ping Pong! rps (rockpaperscissors) rock, paper, or scissors (but you cannot choose which one!)?

Command List: 5 Premium Commands addrole [Admin Only] Adds a role to someone announcement [Admin Only] (announce), Creates an announcement for users across all servers. copy Copy and sends a message create [Admin Only] Creates a role dm DM someone! findinvite (fi) Finds invites from a server guildowner (go) [Admin Only] Finds the owner of a server listserver (ls) List all the servers that Sierra is in! msgdel Deletes messages quitserver (qs) [Admin Only] Takes Sierra off of a server reload [Admin Only] removerole [Admin Only] Removes a role from someone.

Command List: 6 Special Commands, Custom Commands, and SubDirectories leaderboard Shows the Leaderboard Directory verify For servers with VerificationSupport (on request by owner of server) type Shows Pokemon Type Effectiveness/Weakness Directory [custom] For servers with custom commands, Premium feature

Command List: 7 Music Commands nowplaying (np), shows the song that is currently playing in VC. play Plays a song (must be a Youtube link). stop (dc), (disconnect), stops a song that is currently playing in VC.

Command List: 8 Assistance Commands mail DMs Nic#5418 (Head Dev) about a question/concern. query ModMail - Sends a message to the moderators of a server. setup Shows a menu of how to optimize your server for Sierra!

Command List: 9 XP Commands experience (exp), (xp) Shows user’s experience and levels. experiencelist (xpl), (expl) Shows a list of experience levels for user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Sierra Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Sierra to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Sierra Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: s!
Servers: 106K
Users: unknown
Created by: Nic#5418