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Full SkyWind Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Minecraft commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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SkyWind Discord Bot Described:

A Bot with useful commands for the Skyblock gamemode on the Hypixel Minecraft network.

Hypixel Skyblock Helper
This bot has some neat commands to make your life on Hypixel Skyblock easier :)

!auction | !auctions | !ah [Minecraft-Username]
Shows all current auctions of a player

!enchantment | !enchant | !ench [Enchantment | Category]
Gives you information about any vanilla and Hypixel Skyblock enchantment.

!item | !i [Item Name | Category]
Gives you information about any Hypixel Skyblock item.

!patchnotes | !news [#channel] (Mention channel again to deactivate)
Shows you the newest patchnotes of Hypixel Skyblock. You can select a channel to automatically send new patchnotes.

!price | !pc [Item Name]
Shows you the price of an item

!profiles | !profile [Minecraft-Username]
Shows you all your available profiles on Skyblock

!reminder | !rem [Event] (Magma Boss/Bank Interest/Dark Auction/Newyear/Spooky Festival/Winter Event) [(infinite)]
Set a reminder for an event. The bot will remind you 5 Minutes before it. Get a list of your set Timers trough !rem list.

!reputation | !reputations | !rep [Action] [Minecraft-Username]
See the reputation for a certain player / give someone reputation Actions: view - View the reputation of a person add - Give 1 reputation to someone subtract - Take away 1 reputation from someone remove - Remove reputation you have given/taken from/to someone

!skills | !skill | !sk [Minecraft-Username] ([Profile-Name])
Shows you the skill level for Mining, Foraging, Enchanting, Carpentry, Farming, Combat, Fishing, Alchemy, Runecrafting, and Taming.

!slayers | !slayer | !sl [Minecraft-Username] ([Profile-Name])
Shows you slayer stats for a player

!stats | !stat [Minecraft-Username] ([Profile-Name])
Shows you the Health, Defense, Effective HP, Strength, Speed, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Intelligence, Last update and Average Skill Level

!whenisnext | !win [Magma Boss/Bank Interest/Dark Auction/New Year/Spooky Festival/Winter Event/All]
Shows you when the next Event is (Magma Boss, Dark Auction, New Year, Bank Interest and Special Events). All shows every event

!whenisnextchannel [#channel]
Set the channel you want all the Timers to show up in and refresh. (Administrator Permissions needed!)

!help | !commands | !command | !h ([Category | Command])
Shows you every Command and info about the command

!support | !sup Sends you the Invite-Link to the Support-Discord If you need any help, have suggestions just let us know :)

!changelog | !change Shows you the changelog of the bot

!invite | !inv Sends you a link to invite the bot

!ping Shows you the Ping of the bot

!prefix | !pre [prefix | reset] Allow you to change the prefix of the bot (if you somehow screwed things up try @Hypixel Skybot#3177 prefix)

!Getname [@Discord-Member#0000] Get the Minecraft-Username trough a discord account.

!link | !connect [Minecraft-Username] Use this command to link your Minecraft username to your Discord Account. This allows you to use commands without entering your username everytime.

!relink | !rename [New Minecraft-Username] Use this command to change the Minecraft username linked to your Discord Account.

!unlink | !disconnect Use this command to unlink your Minecraft username from your Discord Account.

!verify | !ver After you have linked your account you can verify that. You will have to connect your Discord-Account to Hypixel ingame. Link will automatically try to verify in the future

!verifyrole Set a role to give users who have verified the link between their Minecraft and Discord-Account​

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add SkyWind Discord Bot to my server?

You can add SkyWind to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add SkyWind Discord Bot' on this page.

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