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Smudge Bot is a user-friendly bot for moderation, economy, fun and utility.
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Smudge Bot

A very simple and user-friendly bot.

Economy Commands

  • bal displays your balance
  • daily get your daily payments
  • deposit deposit money in your bank account
  • gamble bet your money
  • pay pay other users
  • rob pay other users
  • withdraw withdraw money from your bank account
  • work work to make money

Fun Commands

  • 8ball ask Smudge questions
  • avatar shows your/other avatar
  • cat sends a random kitten picture
  • dog sends a random doggo picture
  • gayrate shows how gay you/others are
  • meme get a random meme from reddit
  • pp shows your/other pp size
  • thotrate shows how thot you/others are


  • ban ban members
  • kick kick members
  • mute mute members
  • unban unban banned members
  • unmute unmute muted members
  • purge clears the chat

Utility Commands

  • help shows the commands list
  • invite get the bot invite link
  • id displays your/others id
  • serverinfo shows the guild information
  • userinfo shows your/others account creation time and the join time to the guild
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