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Prefix: + or custom
Created by: JuicyAdde#7251
Short link: discord.ly/smurzy
Smurzy is a new general-purpose bot made by JuicyAdde.


Smurzy is a new general-purpose discord bot that will help you moderate and more with your server.
The following commands are available right now:

Info Commands

  • +ping - Returns the latency of the bot.
  • +rank - Sends the users level.
  • +botinfo - Sends info about the bot.
  • +help - Sends command list for the bot.
  • +support - Sends the invite link for Smurzy Offical.
  • +uptime - Sends the uptime of the bot.

Moderation Commands

  • +ban - Ban a user.
  • +kick - Kick a user.
  • +setwelcome - Set welcome messages.
  • +setautorole - Sets a role to be given when a user joins the guild.
  • +setsuggestions - Set up the suggestion system in your guild.
  • +setprefix - Sets the prefix for the guild.
  • +purge - Purge an amount of messages in a channel.
  • +mute - Mutes a user.
  • +unmute - Unmute a user.

Other Commands

  • +suggestion - Sends a suggestion if the guild has it set up.