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The ultimate multi-purpose bot. Spike has amazing moderation features, a fun economy system, many fun commands, and more!

Welcome to Spike!

Spike is an ultimate multi-purpose bot. It contains features such as giveaways, economy, a lot of moderation commands, and also a lot of unique features.

Help Command
Spike’s help command is very detailed, fun and informative. It is the first thing you should execute when you have invited Spike.

Mod Commands

  • The first category of mod commands consist of basic punishments which your moderators will take advantage of.

  • The second category consists of handy commands to erase or lock chats. It can be used for stopping raids, deleting mentions, calming down chat and more.

  • The third category consists of 2 commands to check information about a channel or an user. Those can be used to check if an user’s account is legitimate or a recently made one, and much more.

Fun Commands

  • Spike has a ton of fun commands, that are unique and fun to use.

  • Memey is a category that has 4 commands for fun interactions with other users.

  • Meme Generation is an awesome category with 10+ Meme Generation commands. Generate unlimited memes from Reddit and more.

  • Interaction category consists of 2 commands that can be used for interaction with other users, such as slapping or patting them.

  • The Games category consists of a Minesweeper command. It is customizable and can be used for playing Minesweeper inside of Discord.

  • Animal Pictures is used for generating cute pictures of animals: cats, dogs and squirrels.

  • The Interesting command is 8ball - it can answer all of your questions!

  • Text commands are tools to add emojis between words.

  • Competition commands are here to prove your scramble and typing skills.

Utility Commands

  • Utility category consists of some useful tools.

  • Our advanced wikipedia search will search wikipedia for anything and provide you with knowledge.

  • Some straight-forward utilities are also included.


  • Spike can log all the deleted messages in your server (that are deleted in channels Spike can see and by users Spike’s role is above)

  • Create a channel named #spike-deleted-messages and they will be logged to this channel.


  • Spike’s new economy is here.

  • It contains everything an economy should, but is receiving more updates in the future.

  • Some of the interesting commands are rob, daily, lemonade, and more.

  • You may purchase 2 items in the shop.


  • Get information about Spike.

  • Contact the owner via the command, or via Discord.

  • You also can get to know what was added in the latest update.


  • With Spike, you can make giveaways.

  • Give away anything, make a time limit in minutes, and set a prize.

  • You also can re-roll a giveaway incase you want a new winner.

Thanks for going through this!

  • Thank you for supporting Spike. If you want, upvote it on various websites.

  • Our Linktree consists of some links related to the bot. You can find it on the website.

  • Have fun!

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