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Trading on the stock market with fake money! (Support cryptocurrencies)
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Stock Market Bot

It is a bot to “play” with the stock market by using fake money ! It also supports cryptocurrencies.

Available commands

Prefix by default: sm!


  • help Gives you the help you need!
  • init The command to get started
  • del Delete your account from the database
    (Warning: Your account will be instantly wiped out from the database without any confirmation!)
  • prefix <prefix> Change my prefix to the choosen one!
    Note: Mention me with prefix to know my prefix! (@Stock Market prefix)
  • ping To see the latency between you, the bot and the API
  • about About the bot

Player account

  • balance / balance @User To admire your / user’s wealth
  • list / list @User Your / user’s current trades
  • daily To get your daily reward
  • vote Vote for the bot and get a reward
  • leaderboard Who is the richest in your server?

Stock Market

  • search To search for stock markets
  • show <symbol> To get details about a particular market (ex: sm!show AAPL)
  • newtrade <buy/sell> <symbol> <price> <optional: share/s> To trade stocks on the market(ex: sm!newtrade buy AAPL 5000)
      ==>buy if you think the stock will go up,
      ==>sell if you think the stock will go down.
    Adding “s” or “share” at the end of the command will specify an amount of shares to buy/sell
    (ex: sm!newtrade buy BTCUSD 1 s will buy the value of 1 Bitcoin)
  • closetrade <ID> (ex: sm!closetrade 0) Close a trade (the ID can be found with the list command). Give to you the worth of your trade.

Available aliases

Type help <command>

Okay, how do I play?

First, you are going to look for a market. Type sm!search, it will redirect you to a website.
Then type sm!show <symbol> if you want more details about it.
Now it’s time to trade! Follow the instructions above for newtrade and closetrade!
Happy trading!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.