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Prefix: sm!
Created by: Cryx#7291
Short link: discord.ly/stock-market
Trading on the stock market with fake money! (Support cryptocurrencies)

Stock Market Bot

It is a bot to “play” with the stock market by using fake money ! It also supports cryptocurrencies.

Available commands

Prefix by default: sm!


  • help Gives you the help you need!
  • init The command to get started
  • prefix <prefix> Change my prefix to the choosen one!
    Note: Mention me with prefix to know my prefix! (@Stock Market prefix)
  • ping To see the latency between you, the bot and the API
  • about About the bot

Player account

  • balance / balance @User To admire your / user’s wealth
  • list / list @User Your / user’s current trades
  • daily To get your daily reward
  • vote Vote for the bot and get a reward

Stock Market

  • search To search for stock markets
  • show <symbol> To get details about a particular market (ex: sm!show AAPL)
  • newtrade <buy/sell> <symbol> <price> To trade stocks on the market(ex: sm!newtrade buy AAPL 5000)
  • ==>buy if you think the stock will go up,
  • ==>sell if you think the stock will go down.
  • closetrade <ID> (ex: sm!closetrade 0) Close a trade (the ID can be found with the list command). Give to you the final value of your trade.

Available aliases

Type help <command>

Okay, how do I play?

First, you are going to look for a market. Type sm!search, it will redirect you to a website.
Then type sm!show <symbol> if you want more details about it.
Now it’s time to trade! Follow the instructions above for newtrade and closetrade!
Happy trading!