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Invite Strider Bot to your server and enjoy its great features like Giveaways, Moderation, AutoMod and more! Discover the power of Strider Discord Bot.

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Strider™ Discord Bot Described:

A multipurpose bot that has great features like: > Giveaways > Moderation > AutoMod > + Loads More To Come!

About The Bot

Strider Is A All In One Giveaway & Modarartion Bot! To See Its Server Set Prefix Use <code>@Strider</code> or <code>$help</code> to see a list of commands which can be located on the Commands Section Below or Our Docs.

Commands: <code>75</code><br>
Version: <code>V2.0.3</code><br>
Default Prefix: <code>$ | Customizeable</code>

General Commands

  • <code>$avatar</code> - Shows User Avatar
  • <code>$server</code> - Shows Server Info & Stats
  • <code>$userinfo</code> - Shows User Info
  • <code>$membercount</code> - Shows Server MemberCount

Giveaway Commands

  • <code>$gstart</code> - Opens The Giveaway Maker!
  • <code>$greroll (Message ID)</code> - Rerolls The Giveaway Winner!
  • <code>$gend (Message ID)</code> - Ends A Giveaway!
  • <code>$gedit (Message ID)</code> - Edits A Message!
  • <code>$glist</code> - Coming Soon!

Moderation Commands

  • <code>$ban (Username) {Reason}</code> - Bans A User
  • <code>$unban (Username)</code> - Unbans A User
  • <code>$mute (Username) {Reason}</code> - Mutes A User
  • <code>$unmute (Username)</code> - Unmutes A User
  • <code>$kick (Username) {Reason}</code> - Kicks A User From The Server
  • <code>$warn (Username) {Reason}</code> - Warns A User
  • <code>$tempban (Username) (Time)</code> - Temporary Ban From Server
  • <code>$tempmute (Username) (Time)</code> - Temporary Mutes A Member
  • <code>$clear (Amount)</code> - Clears Chat
  • <code>$slowmode (Amount)</code> - Turns On Chat Slowmode
  • <code>$lock <#Channel></code> - Locks A Channel
  • <code>$unlock <#Channel></code> - Unlocks A Channel

VoiceMod Commands

  • <code>$deafen (Username)</code> - Deafen A User
  • <code>$undeafen (Username)</code> - Undeafen A User
  • <code>$voicekick (Username)</code> - Voice Kick A User
  • <code>$voicemute (Username)</code> - Voice Mute A User
  • <code>$voiceunmute (Username)</code> - Voice Unmute A User

Music Commands

  • <code>$play (Song)</code> - Plays A Song In Your Current Voice Channel
  • <code>$stop</code> - Stops The Song

Fun Commands

  • <code>$meme</code> - Shows A Random Meme
  • <code>$8ball (Question)</code> (Question) - Ask The 8Ball
  • <code>$happy</code> - Shows Happy Level
  • <code>$hack (Username)</code> (Username) - Hack A User
  • <code>$topic</code> - Starts A Topic
  • <code>$wry</code> - Would You Rather
  • <code>$counflip</code> - Flips Heads Or Tails

Levelling Commands<br>
(Levels Are Per-Server)

  • <code>$rank</code> - Shows Your Level
  • <code>$leaderboard</code> - Shows Server Leaderboard
  • <code>$delete</code> - Delete User Data

Admin Commands

  • <code>$setprefix (New-Prefix)</code> - Changes Default Prefix
  • <code>$shard</code> - Shows Server Shard
  • <code>$dashboard</code> - Admin’s Dashboard

Welcome/Leave Messages

  • <code>$welch enable <#Channel></code> - Enables Welcome Messages
  • <code>$welch disable</code> - Disables Welcome Messages
  • <code>$leavech enable <#Channel></code> - Enables Leave Messages
  • <code>$leavech disable</code> - Disables Leavee Messages

Swearing System

  • <code>$swear toggle on</code> - Enables Swear Detection
  • <code>$swear toggle off</code> - Disable Swear Detection
  • <code>$swear add (Word)</code> - Adds A Word To Database
  • <code>$swear delete (Word)</code> - Delete A Swear Word

Logging System

  • <code>$logging enable <#Channel></code> - Enables Logging
  • <code>$logging disable</code> - Disable Logging

Bot Information Commands

  • <code>$info</code> - Shows Bot Info
  • <code>$version</code> - Shows Bot Version
  • <code>$support</code> - Shows Support Info
  • <code>$docs</code> - Shows Our Online Documentation

Utility Commands

  • <code>$help</code> - Brings Up Help Menu
  • <code>$ping</code> - Shows Bot Ping
  • <code>$stats</code> - Shows Strider Stats
  • <code>$docs</code> - Strider Documentation

Tags In This () Are Required, But In This <> They Are Not Required.

Still Need Help? Visit Our Docs at Or Join Our Support Server.
Found a Bug Or Security Issue? Contact Us At [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Strider™ Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Strider™ to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Strider™ Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: $ (Customisable)
Servers: 418
Users: unknown
Created by: Maxim K#2090