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Over-engineered bot with the sole purpose of being 100% private and user-friendly while giving you lewd 2D waifu images

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Help Command: sc!help

The help command will list the bot’s featured commands as well as other essential modules

Open Website: https://sccb.us

  1. User-oriented, the bot was designed to help you to access images and roleplay commands easily
  2. Privacy-oriented, we do not store anything unless absolutely necessary for some features to work
  3. Responds to DMs, you can run any command in DMs privately
  4. Image Boards
  5. SFW & NSFW Roleplay commands
  6. AutoCommands
Supported Image Boards:
  • Danbooru
  • Gelbooru
  • e621
  • Konachan
  • Rule34
  • Safebooru
  • Yande.re
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.