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Created by: </Killerclaws1>#3432
Short link: discord.ly/t-rex
The T-Rex bot is a great bot for your moderators and community members to use in your discord server!
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T-Rex Discord Bot

T-Rex is a good bot for you and your server members to use. We do not have a github for you to use at the moment.

The bot is good for moderators to use because it has commands like Kick and ban in it. The bot also has commands for members to use.
We have Utility, Info, Moderation commands for the discord bot.


If you need help with the bot simply just write $help and all the commands will pop up. If you do not know how to use a command then do $help [command].

We host the bot 24/7 on a website called “Heroku”. Heroku is a cloud hosting website were you can host your discord bots, API, or even websites for free 24/7.