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Actively developed Multi-functional Discord Bot with the goal to replace every other bot in one single unified bot
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What is taiga?

taiga may just look like one of all the other multi-functional Bots, but it’s way more than just that. We noticed one major Problem with Discord Bots, which is that they’re all very different. Many different Prefixes, Argument Layouts and different ways to configure. We want to solve this with taipl, the Project Name for our Plugin Engine which is currently in development. This will let users develop their own features using JavaScript (and later also using Lua and a visual builder) and then use them for their own guilds or publish them on the Plugin Marketplace. While we’re working on taipl the bot also contains many other Features like a Global Economy and Virtual Trading Cards!


  • Virtual Trading Cards
  • Global Economy
  • Basic Moderation
  • Many Fun Commands


Q: Why does taiga want Administrator Permission?
A: The taiga Bot wants the Administrator Permission because of the Plugin System which will be introduced soon. Because Plugins are made, we do not know which exact Permissions will be needed for all Plugins to work. All of our Servers are secured and are being heavily monitored.

Q: What if somebody makes a malicious Plugin?
A: That will not be possible, since every Plugin will manually be checked by taiga Staff.

Q: When will Plugins be released?
A: We don’t have an ETA yet, however we’re already working on it!

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