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Created by: voltox#6285
Fun, loving, and did I mention fun? it's all in one anime bot that interacts with the users in your guild

Takumi is a bot that allows you to search up information on any manga character that ever exists, the Anime for that manga, detailed character descriptions for anything. It also has a database of Reddit memes to share anime memes every now and then randomly in the bot command channel, as well as other user interaction commands like hugging a user, or even personalization where the bot wishes you on your birthday, it comes along with tons of personalization

Command list : ❯ Support donate invite info Invite support vote voteinfo ❯ Misc help config embed 8ball dice guildinfo roleinfo userinfo metrics ping pun search top urban ❯ Fun awoo bite blush cage compliment cry cuddle dab greet highfive holdhands hug kiss lewd lick megumin neko owo pat punch ship shoot shrug slap smug stare think thumbs-up bird cat og ❯ Owner eval