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ultra-slow, collaborative, discord tetris! enter !TextrisInfo to learn more information. This game requires its own channel, and optionally its own role. happy playing!

Welcome to TEXTRIS
Objective: don’t let the pieces overflow the top of the board! The game never stops :eyes:


All commands (except for !TextrisInfo, !recent, !replace, and !threshold) are to be used in a channel titled textris

!start | start game [MUST BE IN textris CHANNEL]
!TextrisInfo | display rules
!left, !l | move piece left
!right, !r | move piece right
!rotc, !c, !rot | rotate piece clockwise
!rotcc, !cc | rotate piece counterclockwise
!hold, !h | hold current piece
!highlight | briefly change display of current piece
!recent | display 10 most recent commands / users

The following commands are specifically for users with the textris mod role:

  • !threshold x | change the number of users necessary for holding a piece (default 2, replace x with an integer)
  • !replace x y | change a game emoji.
    -options for x are [i, o , s, z, l, j, t, blank ,clear(displayed when lines are cleared), highlight, and preview(the blank emojis in the hold piece/next piece previews)] -options for y are any (non-custom) emoji, WITHOUT the colons surrounding it. Example commands might include “!replace blank hotdog”, “!replace i taco” etc. WARNING: there is a possibility of the gameboard exceeding max character limit. Proceed with caution when using emojis with many characters

Point values: single: 100 per line double: 200 per line triple: 300 per line tetris: 400 per line

level 2: 1.5x multiplier level 3: 1.75x multiplier level 4: 2.0x multplier

Levels speed up at 5000, 10000, 20000 points level 1: interval speed 15 minutes level 2: 10 minutes level 3: 7 minutes level 4: 5 minutes

contact: for bug reports, concerns, or questions, contact [email protected] or dm @jwhopkin on twitter.

Thanks for playing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add textris Discord Bot to my server?

You can add textris to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add textris Discord Bot' on this page.

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