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Full The Emperor alpha Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Multipurpose commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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The Emperor alpha Discord Bot Described:

A multipurpose discord bot with 578 commands. made with discord.js-commando

all the commands are mentioned below

Total: 578

  • beep: Checks the bot’s ping to the Discord server.
  • changelog: Responds with the bot’s latest 10 commits.
  • cloc: Responds with the bot’s code line count.
  • command-leaderboard: Responds with the bot’s most used commands.
  • credit: Responds with a command’s credits list.
  • donate: Responds with the bot’s donation links.
  • help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specific command.
  • info: Responds with detailed bot information.
  • invite: Responds with the bot’s invite links.
  • options: Responds with a list of server options.
  • report: Reports something to the bot owner(s).
  • uses: Responds with a command’s usage stats.
Utility (Owner):
  • ping: Checks the bot’s ping to the Discord server.
  • eval: Executes JavaScript code. (Owner-Only)
  • announce: Announce something to the topmost channel in all servers the bot is in.
  • command-leaderboard-export: Exports a command leaderboard JSON file. (Owner-Only)
  • command-leaderboard-import: Imports a command leaderboard JSON file. (Owner-Only)
  • generate-commands: Generates the commands list for Xiao’s README. (Owner-Only)
  • generate-credit: Generates the credit list for Xiao’s README. (Owner-Only)
  • generate-fun-information: Generates the “Fun Information” for Xiao’s README. (Owner-Only)
  • generate-process-env: Generates a backup list of Xiao’s process.env. (Owner-Only)
  • ip: Responds with the IP address the bot’s server is running on. (Owner-Only)
  • report-respond: Responds to a submitted report. (Owner-Only)
  • shutdown: Shuts down the bot. (Owner-Only)
  • webhook: Posts a message to the webhook defined in the bot owner’s process.env. (Owner-Only)
Discord Information:
  • avatar: Responds with a user’s avatar.
  • channel: Responds with detailed information on a channel.
  • emoji-image: Responds with an emoji’s full-scale image.
  • emoji-list: Responds with a list of the server’s custom emoji.
  • emoji: Responds with detailed information on an emoji.
  • first-message: Responds with the first message ever sent to a channel.
  • id: Responds with a user’s ID.
  • message-source: Responds with a codeblock containing a message’s contents.
  • message: Responds with detailed information on a message.
  • role: Responds with detailed information on a role.
  • server: Responds with detailed information on the server.
  • user: Responds with detailed information on a user.
Random Response:
  • 8-ball: Asks your question to the Magic 8 Ball.
  • advice: Responds with a random bit of advice.
  • axis-cult: Responds with a teaching of the Axis Cult.
  • bunny-fact: Responds with a random bunny fact.
  • cat-fact: Responds with a random cat fact.
  • charlie-charlie: Asks your question to Charlie.
  • choose: Chooses between options you provide.
  • chuck-norris: Responds with a random Chuck Norris joke.
  • coin: Flips a coin.
  • compliment: Compliments a user.
  • dog-fact: Responds with a random dog fact.
  • draw-cards: Draws a random hand of playing cards.
  • emperor-fact: Responds with a random fact about Emperor.
  • fact-core: Responds with a random Fact Core quote.
  • fact: Responds with a random fact.
  • fml: Responds with a FML quote. (NSFW)
  • fortune: Responds with a random fortune.
  • github-zen: Responds with a random GitHub design philosophy.
  • joke: Responds with a random joke.
  • kiss-marry-kill: Determines who to kiss, who to marry, and who to kill.
  • light-novel-title: Responds with a randomly generated Light Novel title.
  • lorem-ipsum: Generates a randomized Lorem Ipsum placeholder text.
  • magic-conch: Asks your question to the Magic Conch.
  • name: Responds with a random name, with the gender of your choice.
  • never-have-i-ever: Responds with a random “Never Have I Ever…” statement.
  • news: Responds with a random news article.
  • number-fact: Responds with a random fact about a specific number.
  • offspring: Determines if your new child will be a boy or a girl.
  • opinion: Determines the opinion on something.
  • oracle-turret: Responds with a random Oracle Turret quote.
  • pun: Responds with a random pun.
  • quantum-coin: Flips a coin that lands on some form of nothing.
  • quote: Responds with a random quote.
  • random-user: Randomly chooses a member of the server.
  • rank: Ranks the options you provide.
  • rate: Rates something.
  • roast: Roasts a user.
  • roll: Rolls a dice with a minimum/maximum value of your choice.
  • security-key: Responds with a random security key.
  • shower-thought: Responds with a random shower thought, directly from r/Showerthoughts.
  • smw-level: Responds with a random Super Mario World level name.
  • subreddit: Responds with a random post from a subreddit.
  • suggest-command: Suggests a random command for you to try.
  • superpower: Responds with a random superpower.
  • the-onion: Responds with a random “The Onion” article.
  • this-for-that: So, basically, it’s like a bot command for this dumb meme.
  • will-you-press-the-button: Responds with a random “Will You Press The Button?” dilemma.
  • word: Responds with a random word.
  • would-you-rather: Responds with a random “Would you rather …?” question.
Random Image:
  • ai-artwork: Responds with randomly generated artwork.
  • ai-cat: Responds with a randomly generated cat.
  • ai-fursona: Responds with a randomly generated fursona.
  • ai-horse: Responds with a randomly generated horse.
  • ai-person: Responds with a randomly generated person.
  • ai-vase: Responds with a randomly generated vase.
  • ai-waifu: Responds with a randomly generated waifu.
  • awwnime: Responds with cute random anime art.
  • bird: Responds with a random image of a bird.
  • bunny: Responds with a random image of a bunny.
  • cat: Responds with a random cat image.
  • dog: Responds with a random dog image.
  • duck: Responds with a random duck image.
  • fidget: Responds with a random image of Fidget.
  • food: Responds with a randomly generated food.
  • fox: Responds with a random fox image.
  • hentai: Responds with a random hentai image. (NSFW)
  • interesting: Responds with a random interesting image.
  • karen: Responds with a random image of Karen.
  • lando: Responds with a random image of Lando Calrissian.
  • light-novel-cover: Responds with a randomly generated Light Novel cover. (NSFW)
  • lorem-picsum: Responds with a random image of a certain size.
  • meme: Responds with a random meme.
  • porn: Responds with a random porn image. (NSFW)
  • potato: Responds with a random potato image.
  • shiba: Responds with a random image of a Shiba Inu.
  • shrek: Responds with a random image of Shrek, the sexiest man alive.
Seeded Randomizers:
  • butt: Determines a user’s butt quality.
  • coolness: Determines a user’s coolness.
  • cuteness: Determines a user’s cuteness.
  • dick: Determines your dick size.
  • friendship: Determines how good friends two users are.
  • guess-looks: Guesses what a user looks like.
  • iq: Determines a user’s IQ.
  • psycho-pass: Determines your Crime Coefficient.
  • ship: Ships two users together.
  • smash-or-pass: Determines if a user is worthy of a smash or a pass.
  • thicc: Determines how thicc you are.
  • worth: Determines how much a user is worth.
Single Response:
  • can-you-not: Can YOU not?
  • cave: Sends a Minecraft cave that blends in with the chat.
  • dark-light: Determines whether you use dark or light theme.
  • eat-pant: Eat pant.
  • eggs-get-laid: Sends the ultimate roast.
  • fly: Sends a fake fly that looks surprisngly real.
  • give-flower: Gives Xiao Pai a flower.
  • hi: Hello.
  • idiot: Responds with the Wikipedia page of an idiot.
  • isnt-joke: Isn’t joke…
  • its-joke: It’s joke!
  • just-do-it: Sends a link to the “Just Do It!” motivational speech.
  • lenny: Responds with the lenny face.
  • nitro: Sends an image of a fake nitro giveaway.
  • rickroll: Sends a link to the “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video.
  • spam: Responds with a picture of Spam.
  • tableflip: Flips a table… With animation!
  • wynaut: Why not? Wynaut?
  • yoff: Posts a picture that truly defines modern art.
Automatic Response:
  • no-u: no u
  • unflip: Unflips a flipped table.
  • anime-airing: Responds with a list of the anime that air today.
  • apod: Responds with today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.
  • calendar: Responds with today’s holidays.
  • days-until: Responds with how many days there are until a certain date.
  • doomsday-clock: Responds with the current time of the Doomsday Clock.
  • friday-the-13th: Determines if today is Friday the 13th.
  • google-doodle: Responds with a Google Doodle, either the latest one or a random one from the past.
  • horoscope: Responds with today’s horoscope for a specific Zodiac sign.
  • humble-bundle: Responds with the current Humble Bundle.
  • is-tuesday: Determines if today is Tuesday.
  • iss: Responds with where the Internation Space Station currently is.
  • neko-atsume-password: Responds with today’s Neko Atsume password.
  • people-in-space: Responds with the people currently in space.
  • time: Responds with the current time in a particular location.
  • today-in-history: Responds with an event that occurred today in history.
  • anime-character: Searches AniList for your query, getting character results.
  • anime: Searches AniList for your query, getting anime results.
  • book: Searches Google Books for a book.
  • bulbapedia: Searches Bulbapedia for your query.
  • company: Responds with the name and logo of a company.
  • country: Responds with information on a country.
  • danbooru: Responds with an image from Danbooru, with optional query. (NSFW)
  • define: Defines a word.
  • derpibooru: Responds with an image from Derpibooru.
  • deviantart: Responds with an image from a DeviantArt section, with optional query.
  • flickr: Searches Flickr for your query… Maybe. (NSFW)
  • frinkiac: Input a line from the Simpsons to get the episode/season.
  • giphy: Searches Giphy for your query.
  • github: Responds with information on a GitHub repository.
  • google-autofill: Responds with a list of the Google Autofill results for a particular query.
  • google: Searches Google for your query.
  • gravatar: Responds with the Gravatar for an email.
  • http-cat: Responds with a cat for an HTTP status code.
  • http-dog: Responds with a dog for an HTTP status code.
  • http-duck: Responds with a duck for an HTTP status code.
  • imgur: Searches Imgur for your query.
  • itunes: Searches iTunes for your query.
  • jisho: Defines a word, but with Japanese.
  • kickstarter: Searches Kickstarter for your query.
  • know-your-meme: Searches Know Your Meme for your query.
  • league-of-legends: Responds with information on a League of Legends champion.
  • lyrics: Responds with lyrics to a song.
  • mal-badges: Responds with a MyAnimeList user’s mal-badges badge.
  • manga: Searches AniList for your query, getting manga results.
  • map: Responds with a map of a specific location.
  • mayo-clinic: Searches Mayo Clinic for your query.
  • mdn: Searches MDN for your query.
  • movie: Searches TMDB for your query, getting movie results.
  • nasa: Searches NASA’s image archive for your query.
  • neopet: Responds with the image of a specific Neopet.
  • neopets-item: Responds with information on a specific Neopets item.
  • npm: Responds with information on an NPM package.
  • osu: Responds with information on an osu! user.
  • paladins: Responds with information on a Paladins player.
  • periodic-table: Finds an element on the periodic table.
  • poem: Searches for poems by a specific author.
  • pokedex: Searches the Pokédex for a Pokémon.
  • pornhub: Searches Pornhub for your query. (NSFW)
  • recipe: Searches for recipes based on your query.
  • reddit: Responds with information on a Reddit user.
  • right-stuf: Searches Right Stuf Anime for your query.
  • rotten-tomatoes: Searches Rotten Tomatoes for your query.
  • rule: Responds with a rule of the internet.
  • safebooru: Responds with an image from Safebooru, with optional query.
  • stack-overflow: Searches Stack Overflow for your query.
  • steam: Searches Steam for your query.
  • stock-photo: Searches for stock photos based on your query.
  • stocks: Responds with the current stocks for a company.
  • tenor: Searches Tenor for your query.
  • tumblr: Responds with information on a Tumblr blog.
  • tv-show: Searches TMDB for your query, getting TV show results.
  • twitter: Responds with information on a Twitter user.
  • urban: Defines a word, but with Urban Dictionary. (NSFW)
  • usps-tracking: Gets tracking information for a package shipped via USPS.
  • vocadb: Searches VocaDB for your query.
  • wattpad: Searches Wattpad for your query.
  • weather: Responds with weather information for a specific location.
  • wikia: Searches a specific Wikia wiki for your query.
  • wikihow: Searches Wikihow for your query.
  • wikipedia: Searches Wikipedia for your query.
  • xkcd: Responds with an XKCD comic, either today’s, a random one, or a specific one.
  • youtube: Searches YouTube for your query.
  • yu-gi-oh: Responds with info on a Yu-Gi-Oh! card.
  • age: Responds with how old someone born in a certain year is.
  • birthstone: Responds with the Birthstone for a month.
  • character-count: Responds with the character count of text.
  • chinese-zodiac: Responds with the Chinese Zodiac Sign for the given year.
  • face: Determines the race, gender, and age of a face.
  • gender: Determines the gender of a name.
  • has-transparency: Determines if an image has transparency in it.
  • image-size: Determines the size of an image.
  • read-qr-code: Reads a QR Code.
  • safe-url: Determines if a URL is safe or not.
  • scrabble-score: Responds with the scrabble score of a word.
  • severe-toxicity: Determines the toxicity of text, but less sensitive to milder language.
  • toxicity: Determines the toxicity of text.
  • what-anime: Determines what anime a screenshot is from.
  • zodiac-sign: Responds with the Zodiac Sign for the given month/day.
Single-Player Games:
  • akinator: Think about a real or fictional character, I will try to guess who it is.
  • anagramica: Try to find all the anagrams for a given set of letters.
  • antidepressant-or-tolkien: See if you can guess if a word is an Antidepressant or Tolkien character.
  • blackjack: Play a game of blackjack.
  • box-choosing: Do you believe that there are choices in life? Taken from Higurashi Chapter 4.
  • bubble-wrap: Pop some bubble wrap.
  • captcha: Try to guess what the captcha says.
  • chance: Attempt to win with a 1 in 1000 (or your choice) chance of winning.
  • doors: Open the right door, and you win the money! Make the wrong choice, and you get the fire!
  • fishy: Go fishing.
  • google-feud: Attempt to determine the top suggestions for a Google search.
  • hangman: Prevent a man from being hanged by guessing a word as fast as you can.
  • horse-race: Bet on the fastest horse in a 6-horse race.
  • hunger-games: Simulate a Hunger Games match with up to 24 tributes.
  • jeopardy: Answer a Jeopardy question.
  • lottery: Attempt to win the lottery with 6 numbers.
  • mad-libs: Choose words that fill in the blanks to create a crazy story!
  • math-quiz: See how fast you can answer a math problem in a given time limit.
  • memory: Test your memory.
  • quiz: Answer a quiz question.
  • reaction-time: Test your reaction time.
  • rock-paper-scissors: Play Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • roulette: Play a game of roulette.
  • slots: Play a game of slots.
  • sorting-hat: Take a quiz to determine your Hogwarts house.
  • the-game: If you
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How do I add The Emperor alpha Discord Bot to my server?

You can add The Emperor alpha to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add The Emperor alpha Discord Bot' on this page.

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