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Created by: Elaes#0001
My bot is a cool moderation / fun bot he has a lot of commands

My bot is a cool moderation / fun bot he has a lot of commands

Now I want to introduce the team to you first, unfortunately I'm still alone but I'm looking forward to your applications you can apply with the command p! Apply oh and by the way we also have an apply system or the bot we come back to the theme i am the soleife bot owner and bot supporter but i hope not for long you can of course reach me under my discord name Elaes # 0001 or on The Popular bot support server

New theme the commands of the bot has very vile commands so vile that I was too lazy to count them all but I also can't remember them all so I only write a few here warn @user [reason] = warn member warns @user = check mention user warns clearwarns @user = clear user warns ban @user = ban member kick @user = kick member mute @user [time in min] = mute member unmute @user = unmute user joke = send a random joke meme = send random meme (BUGGY) cat = random cat pic dog = random dog pic help = info and help help-moderation = moderation commands help-fun = fun commands clear = clear chat setchannelbadwords = set bad wrods in a specific channel setserverbadwords = set the server bad words membercount = create channel with the member count randompassword = generate a random password randomnumber = create random number creategiveaway = create a giveaway avatar @user = send a avatar from the mention user setapply = set apply questions apply = you can apply newticket = create ticket closeticket = close ticket newvoiceticket = create voice ticket closevoiceticket = close voice ticket setuplevel = set up level rank rankinfo = send the list on which level you become which rank rank = see you rank donate = donate us PREFIX = p1

So that was actually the description I wish you much fun with the bot and I hope the bot gets many users and is obese