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The Seven Spells Of Destruction bot. RPG commands. Explore new lands, fight monsters, and become powerful in this Discord bot.

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The Seven Spells Of Destruction Discord Bot Described:

An open world multi player role playing game. Explore new lands, fight monsters, cast spells, level up, hunt creatures, cook food and more! Will you be victorious?
A Unique Role Playing Experience

Are you looking for a new and interesting RPG on Discord that has all the following, and more?

‣ 🗺️ Explore a huge story driven open world at your own pace
‣ ⚔️ Fight monsters, level up, gain gold and loot
‣ 🪄 Cast spells for effects to give you a gameplay advantage
‣ 👊🏻 Encounter other players and fight them in PVP!
‣ 🐿️ Hunt wild animals in the wilderness for use in food
‣ 🍲 Cook recipies to gain food for buffs (similar to Zelda Breath of the Wild)
‣ 👍🏻 Work together to solve the game’s many puzzles

If this is what you’re looking for, and not just another card collecting game with anime in it, then read on! This bot is for you. Set in a high-fantasy game world unlike any other, you will become absorbed in this game.

Will you be the world’s saviour or its nightmare?

Explore an action packed fantastical land in this multi-player Discord RPG Bot! This is a unique game inside a bot, where you can explore, fight monsters, gain experience in the vast land of Utopia and work with or against your friends to become powerful beyond imagining… Will you emerge victorious, or become yet another adventurer who failed in their quest? Invite the bot, run the /start command, and find out!


Real world prizes - Win Nitro

Any player who successfully kills the end boss of the game will receive a month’s full nitro!
This is similar to how prizes work in our other bot, TriviaBot. If you succeed, the game will provide instructions on how to claim this prize!

Become part of an epic quest

Save the land of Cryptillia from a threat beyond imagining in an open world, multiplayer role playing game for Discord. You can take part in the the game today by inviting the bot and just running the /start command! This game is unlike most others on Discord, having an actual explorable world with a story, instanced plot, and more. Unlike other games which are just similar to IdleRPG or Card collecting anime games, this is completely different and more like an old-school MUD or an actual MMORPG.


Interact with other players

In the game world, you can fight with, steal from, and chat with other players. If they were unfortunate enough to die during their quest, you can take their loot, which they drop to the ground where they fell. This game is hardcore, and not for the weak. Only the strong shall survive!


Discover vast treasure and hidden secrets

The lore-heavy world is waiting for you to discover its hidden secrets. Just below the surface lie hidden truths, forgotten pasts and deep mysteries which only you can solve. Use this knowledge against your foes, or simply find new weapons and armour amongst the relics of the past to use to your advantage. You can find out lots about the game world by running the /lore command.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add The Seven Spells Of Destruction Discord Bot to my server?

You can add The Seven Spells Of Destruction to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add The Seven Spells Of Destruction Discord Bot' on this page.

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