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Invite Thoth bot to your server and explore its SMITE commands, match details, live match details, gods, server status and more! Discord bot.

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Thoth Discord Bot Described:

Thoth is a bot for SMITE player stats, match details, live match details, gods, SMITE server status, random gods, random builds and more!
Slash Command Description
/stats PlayerName Display SMITE stats for PlayerName.
/history PlayerName Latest match history for the requested PlayerName
/md MatchID Match details for the requested MatchID
/mdlast PlayerName Match details for last match of the requested PlayerName
/livemd PlayerName Live match details for the requested PlayerName if they are currently in a match
/wp PlayerName Shows all masteries for gods played for the requested PlayerName
/wr PlayerName Shows win rate percentage for gods played for the requested PlayerName
/link Link your Discord and SMITE accounts in Thoth’s database.
Troll Commands
/rgod GodClass Gives you a random God and randomised build
/rteam Option Gives you random Gods with randomised builds for them
/rbuild GodName Gives you a random build for the requested god
Useful Commands
/updatenotes Sends the last two update notes posted on the website
/events Shows if there are any events currently available in-game
/bugs Checks the SMITE Community Issues Trello Board for current and fixed issues
/motd Information about upcoming MOTDs in the game
/status Check the status of SMITE Servers
/feeds Set a channel to get server status notifications and more (soon™)
/gods Overall information about the gods & skins in the game and current free god rotation
/god GodName Provides information about the requested god
/item ItemName Provides information about the requested item
/about Check out bot statistics, invite link, support server or send feedback
SPL Commands
/splschedule Check the Smite Pro League Schedule
/splstandings Check the Smite Pro League Standings
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Thoth Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Thoth to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Thoth Discord Bot' on this page.

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