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Thoth is a bot for SMITE player stats, match details, live match details, gods, SMITE server status, random gods, random builds and more!

Thoth Commands

Commands Description
!!stats PlayerName Display stats for PlayerName
!!matchdetails MatchID Sends match details about MatchID
!!livematch PlayerName Sends match details if PlayerName is in a match.
!!link Link your Discord and SMITE accounts. Thoth Account Linking will link your Discord and SMITE account in our database which will allow executing commands without providing InGameName. Commands using this feature are: !!stats, !!livematch, !!matchdetails, !!matchhistory
!!status Checks the status page for the status of Smite servers.
!!statusupdates #channel Sends a message when SMITE incidents and scheduled maintenances appear in the status page to #channel
!!stopstatusupdates Stops sending messages from the SMITE status page.
!!god GodName Gives you information about GodName.
!!gods Overall information about the gods in the game and current free god rotation.
!!rgod Gives you a random God.
!!rteam 5 Gives you 5 random Gods with randomised builds for them.
!!rank Gives you random ranked division.
!!trello Checks the SMITE Community Issues Trello Board.
!!motd Information about upcoming MOTDs in the game.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: !! (customizable)
Servers: 3.81k
Users: 614k
Created by: EasyThe#2836
Short link: discord.ly/thoth