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Prefix: ths!
Created by: Frankie#4073
Short link: discord.ly/ths-interfare
A fun/moderation bot that accept most suggestion into it, one of the first bots that looks at your server-wide messages count.
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Newest Update:

Moderation commands now log in the channel you desire, simply use the logging command ths!setlogs in the channel you want to set it to.

THS Interfare

THS Interfare is a special bot who accepts most of its suggestion and is very organized. Our bot includes a command to check how many messages you have sent in the server you did the command in, it’ll also look at your server-wide messages.

Our bot is also available in the following languages: English, Dutch. More languages will be added with volunteering translators.

We’ve funfact commands to cute commands. We’ve fun commands with content from YOU GUYS, meaning, a fun command can be created by just a single user! We’re strict but fun in many words!

We also have a economy system, with ways to see the bots currency to see what happens in the economy. We have a levelling system as well, mixed in with a fully tested moderation system.

THS Interfare, Endless Choices.