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Discover the full list of Frequently Asked Questions for the Tickets Discord Bot with this guide. Easily navigate through the FAQs and find the perfect answer to your needs.

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How do I make a panel?

Panels are made on the dashboard, in the reaction panels area. A direct link to your server’s panel page can be found by using the /panel command

What are tags?

Tags are pre-defined snippets of text sent by the bot. These can be useful for quickly sending responses to commonly asked questions or concerns.

Why doesn't my server show up on the dashboard?

Make sure you are the owner of the server. Being co-owner, having administrator perms, etc. is not enough. If you do not own the server, ask the owner of the server to add you using /addsupport or /addadmin.

What are support teams?

Support teams are groups of members and/or roles that are able to view and respond to tickets. Different support teams can be set to view tickets opened from different panels.

What is whitelabel?

Whitelabel is a service provided by Tickets Bot, where you create a bot with a custom username and profile picture through the developer portal, and have it hosted by the Tickets Bot infrastructure for a seamless Tickets experience with personal branding.

What does premium include?

Premium gives you access to unlimited reaction panels and the stats command, removes the bot branding from message footers, and the ability to read and respond to messages in tickets via the dashboard.

What are panels?

Reaction panels are embeds sent by the bot, which create ticket channels when reacted to with the designated emoji.

Can I use a custom emoji for the panel reaction?

Not currently, however, panels will be updated to use Discord’s native buttons as soon as they are released.

How do I set a support team?

Support teams can be created and managed via the Teams area on the dashboard.

Why isn't my panel showing up in the channel?

Check that you have saved your settings, and that no error messages have appeared in the bottom right hand corner. Make sure the bot also has permissions to send messages/embeds and manage reactions in the panel channel.