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A highly customisable ticket bot / modmail bot, complete with reaction panels, transcripts, claiming and more!


Tickets Bot is a fully customisable Discord ticket system. Support via Discord allows you to improve your quality of service and response times. Tickets provides various Ticket Tools as a part of its functionality, such as ticket panels (reaction to open a ticket), ticket logs, canned responses and a web UI for easier management, featuring live web chat.


We’ve written a comprehensive guide on setting up the bot on our website


Command Description Example Permission Level
/about Tells you information about the bot /about Everyone
/add Adds a user to a ticket /add #ticket @User Everyone
/addadmin Grants a user or role admin privileges /addadmin @User Administrator
/addsupport Adds a user or role as a support representative /addsupport @User Administrator
/blacklist Toggles whether users are allowed to interact with the bot /blacklist @User Support
/cancel Cancels the setup process /cancel Administrator
/claim Assigns a single staff member to a ticket /claim Support
/close Closes the current ticket /close Everyone
/help Shows you a list of commands /help Everyone
/managetags Command for managing tags /mcr [list/add/delete] Support
/open Opens a new ticket /open Everyone
/panel Creates a panel to enable users to open a ticket with 1 click /panel Administrator
/remove Removes a user from a ticket /remove Everyone
/removeadmin Revokes a user’s or role’s admin privileges /removeadmin @User Administrator
/removesupport Revokes a user’s or role’s support representative privileges /removesupport @User Administrator
/rename Renames the current ticket /rename channel-name Support
/setup Allows you to easily configure the bot /setup Administrator
/stats Shows you statistics about users, support staff and the server /stats [server / @User] Support
/tag Sends a predefined snippet of text /tag mytag Support
/transfer Transfers a claimed ticket to another user /transfer @User Support
/unclaim Removes the claim on the current ticket /unclaim Support
/viewstaff Lists the staff members and roles /viewstaff Everyone
/vote Gives you a link to vote for free premium /vote Everyone

Reaction Panels

One of the key features of our Ticket system are reaction panels.
Users can react to a panel that instantly opens a ticket for the user, without them needing to run a command.


panel example

See our guide on creating panels for more info


You can purchase premium for all servers you own for $2/mo at our Patreon.

A whitelabel tier is also available on Patreon for $4/mo, which allows you to
provide your own bot token for us to run Tickets on, for a fully branding removed experience.

Alternatively, you can vote to get premium free for 24 hours.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Click here to visit our Discord server

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a panel?

Panels are made on the dashboard, in the reaction panels area. A direct link to your server’s panel page can be found by using the /panel command

What are tags?

Tags are pre-defined snippets of text sent by the bot. These can be useful for quickly sending responses to commonly asked questions or concerns.

Why doesn't my server show up on the dashboard?

Make sure you are the owner of the server. Being co-owner, having administrator perms, etc. is not enough. If you do not own the server, ask the owner of the server to add you using /addsupport or /addadmin.

What are support teams?

Support teams are groups of members and/or roles that are able to view and respond to tickets. Different support teams can be set to view tickets opened from different panels.

What is whitelabel?

Whitelabel is a service provided by Tickets Bot, where you create a bot with a custom username and profile picture through the developer portal, and have it hosted by the Tickets Bot infrastructure for a seamless Tickets experience with personal branding.

What does premium include?

Premium gives you access to unlimited reaction panels and the stats command, removes the bot branding from message footers, and the ability to read and respond to messages in tickets via the dashboard.

What are panels?

Reaction panels are embeds sent by the bot, which create ticket channels when reacted to with the designated emoji.

Can I use a custom emoji for the panel reaction?

Not currently, however, panels will be updated to use Discord’s native buttons as soon as they are released.

How do I set a support team?

Support teams can be created and managed via the Teams area on the dashboard.

Why isn't my panel showing up in the channel?

Check that you have saved your settings, and that no error messages have appeared in the bottom right hand corner. Make sure the bot also has permissions to send messages/embeds and manage reactions in the panel channel.


Prefix: t! (Customisable)
Servers: 384k
Users: unknown
Created by: ryan.#4444
Short link: discord.ly/tickets