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A leightweight Discord bot that manages timezones, timers, various fun APIs, and much more!

Timely Discord Bot:

contributions welcome

A leightweight Discord bot written with Discord.py and using the Arrow timezone library in order to organize user timezones and other time - based activities.
I am always looking for support and feedback, so feel free to fork or message me on Discord at Spencer#3762.
This bot is perfect for small to mid-sized servers with a large international following, or want helpful and fun utilities such as a currency converter, timer, API access, birthday checks, and message statistics!

Goals and features:

  • Time zone converter
  • Currency converter
  • Timer and reminders
  • Check current time for a user
  • Message statistics
  • Days/weeks/years until a certain date
  • IMDB and HLTB data
  • Birthday storage and checking
  • Tons of customization features:
    • Embed color
    • Prefix
    • Bot nickname changes with prefix

Possible future features:

  • Games
  • Reddit integration
  • Voice chat timers
  • Non-free APIs (horoscopes, etc.)
  • Weather checker
  • Global heatmap
  • Birthday reminders
  • And so much more…

Hey, you!

I want your feedback on this! Leave a comment, issue, or use the .contact command to hit me up!
I also do comissions- send me a message, or place an order through my Fiverr
My prices and turnaround times are low, and I am flexible with pricing if the bot is something small- a great gift to a friend!

APIs and libraries used:

This wouldn’t be possible without the use of some wonderful open and free APIs and libraries:

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: . (customizable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Spencer#6969
Short link: discord.ly/timely