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Trust Factor 0

Servers: 193
Users: 176,411
Upvotes this month: 0
Prefix: trust-
Created by: ZaptoInc#2879
Short link: discord.ly/trust-factor
Let players put a note on your server!

Trust Factor v1.2 Official

  • Let players put a note on your server!
  • Available in English and French
  • Preview this note in your server
  • 98% Uptime
  • Fight fakes and toxic servers


  • trust-help

Shows you the help page

  • trust-setlang

Changes the language of the server (need to be admin)

  • trust-config

Allows you to change server configs (need to be admin)

  • trust-setup

Create a category with the note of the server and the number of reviews (need to be admin)

  • trust-invite

Gives you the link to invite the bot on your server

  • trust-preview

Shows you a preview of what a joining user will see

  • trust-review [1-5] [server code]

Set a review to a server

  • trust-support

Gives you the server for the support

  • trust-stats

Gives you the stats about the bot