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A bot which is capable of doing the essentials well and reliably.

UltraBot, a Python-based Discord bot.

UltraBot is a feature-rich Discord Bot which is extremely well-rounded and can easily serve as your main bot. It excels in:

  • Translation: Powered by the Yandex Translation API, UltraBot is well equipped to handle any non-english speakers in your discord server.
  • Music: UltraBot is powered by a LavaLink music server, ensuring reliable music playback at all times.
  • RNG: UltraBot contains a handful of RNG-based commands, such as 8ball.
  • Internet: UltraBot can Google search any query of your choice, and is able to retrieve randomly generated jokes and xkcd comics.
  • Utility: UltraBot is capable of retrieving user and server information, including IDs.

The prefix can be changed, and if you feel like the bot could use a few extra commands, feel free to join the support server and ask me!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.