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Another powerful discord bot that comes with simple moderation, ticket system, and more!
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A new Powerful Multi-purpose Discord Bot running with more than 100 commands!


  • Simple Moderation commands to strict your server from rule breakers!
  • Dynamic Voice System! This allows users to create their own voice Channels to enhance your community environment as your users continue to meet new people.
  • Very Powerful Customizable User/Member Verification feature that prevents servers from getting raid.
  • Oustanding Economy System!
  • Wonderful Ticket System for ease of server management.
  • Configurable Auto-Moderation System!.
  • Chat Sweepers!
    • Discord Invite Blocker blocks all possible discord invite URLs!
    • Swear Blocker, to block all possible swear words!
    • and more!
  • 24/7 Uptime!
  • Fully Customizable Configurations. including simplistic interactive configuration setups.
  • Utility commands that can help you do better.
  • Miscellaneous commands!
  • Indeed very cool Fun commands.
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