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Servers: 16
Users: 40,457
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Created by: f1nniboy#1234
Short link: discord.ly/unique-music
Unique-Music is a music bot with a custom API.
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is a music bot with a custom API.

Unlike other bots, it cannot be controlled with commands.

For new users: It is recommended to use a integration instead of the API.
If you have questions about the API or the bot, message me at f1nniboy#1234.

API: https://api.unique-music.xyz
Website: https://unique-music.xyz
GitHub: https://github.com/f1nniboy/unique-music


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  • Playlists
  • Volume Control
  • Radio Support
  • Feedback System
  • Flexible Backend
  • Easy to use API

The feature list is still very small, we would be glad if you would suggest features using the corresponding endpoint.
You can get the usage for specific endpoints using the “<usage” command.

This bot uses Discord OAuth2 and only accesses your tag and ID.