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Invite Upa Bot to your server and get rolling with Gacha commands! Collect drops, upgrade characters, and chase your collection with Upa Discord Bot.

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Upa Discord Bot Described:

Roll the gacha for your favorite characters from various anime, manga, games, and more! Collect drops, upgrade your characters, and chase your collection!
Find us on upa.moe!

Upa is a new global gacha collection bot in open beta. Come help us shape our future as we continue to develop features!

Upa lets you roll and collect characters with a star rarity system. Upa will also drop characters - the more you use the bot, the better the rewards!

Rolling a five star character

Active rate-up events where you can target characters you love!

Website showing banners

View your collection and share it with others!

Website showing an example of a collection

Browse gacha and see which characters your friends are collecting!

Chainsaw man character image

Get yourself a spot on our global leaderboards or compete within your own server!

Website leaderboard info

Complete quests and sacrifice gacha to gain currency to spend on your limits - unlock more gacha rolls per hour as you hunt for your favorite characters.

Command showing quests

Join our community discord server to receive buffs for your account, suggest gacha, and stay up-to-date on our fast development journey!

Screenshot of discord channel


  • A growing library of anime, games, and manga characters
  • Take your characters to every server you’re in. You own your full collection!
  • Elusive holo effects to show off your favorite characters
  • A favoriting system to highlight your favorite waifu or husbando
  • A personal collection website
  • Server AND global leaderboards
  • Tracking the order of your pulled character - who wouldn’t want to be the 1st owner of a 5 star?
  • Direct-to-channel drops up to 4x an hour - scaling with how active your server is!
  • Repeatable quests to gain currency to upgrade yourself
  • Much more coming soon!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Upa Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Upa to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Upa Discord Bot' on this page.

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