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Valorant Companion lets users check WEAPON STATS, their SPRAY PATTERNS, AGENT INFO, PLAYER STATS soon and more!
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Valorant Companion is a discord bot aimed at the game Valorant. The bot has amazing features such as weapon stats, spray patterns, agent information, and soon to be playerstats!

We have tons of new features which will be coming soon, so why not add the bot and try it out?


v!weapon <WEAPON > | Check a weapon stats and spray pattern!
v!map <MAP> | Check a birds-eye view of a map!
v!agent <AGENT> | View an agent and its abilities.
v!updates <UPDATE> | Read up on the games most recent patches.
v!stats <USER> | Check a users stats! (WIP)
v!clips | View the months top clips submitted by users!

And more commands!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.