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Created by: á¹¾ersaria#0001
Short link: discord.ly/vip
Versatile and easy to use Discord bot - moderation, role management, utilities, entertainment, music and much more!

English and Russian speaking bot

MANAGER - language, prefix, info roles, server status, ping, auto response, logs, polling, distribution, issuing and picking roles.

INFO - information about the server, user, roles, statuses, weather, bot.

MODERATION - warn, kick, ban, unban, violation info, clearing violations and messages.

MINI-GAMES - tic-tac-toe, sea battle, fishing, tape measure, coin.

FUN - ball of questions, delivery, memes.

LOTIONS - speak embed, avatar, report.

EMOTIONS - different emotions.

ECONOMY - daylik, balance and transfer of coins.

MUSIC - full music control.

Send an offer to improve the bot - *offer idea

Report bot errors or bugs - *bug reason