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Invite Tracker Bot to your server and track server or bot votes with its powerful commands. Get vote logs, leaderboards, reminders & more! Discord Bot.

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Vote Tracker Discord Bot Described:

A bot that tracks server or bot votes on Including vote logs, leaderboards, reminders, autoroles/vote ranks, custom messages & more!
💠 It is essential that once you add the bot, you type “vt!setup” to set up the bot to track votes for your guild or bot. The bot won’t function until this is done. 💠
Vote Tracker v0.5.3 Features:
  • Customisable prefix.
  • Customisable vote log messages.
  • Track and log votes.
  • Reward users based on their amount of votes.
  • View top voter leaderboard.
  • Set leaderboard channel that updates itself every 6 hours.
  • Set reminders for users to vote.
  • Autorole when a user gets a certain number of votes.
  • Add/remove and reset user votes.
  • Set a blacklist role (people with this role won’t have their votes tracked)
Vote Tracker v0.5.3 Config:
  • vt!autoroles to setup autoroles when people get a certain number of votes, click here to view the documents on how to set them up.

  • vt!placeholders to view the available placeholders you can use in your custom vote log embed.

  • vt!config show <votetracker | bot> to view all your config settings.

  • vt!config set bot prefix <new prefix> to change the bot prefix.

  • vt!config setup votetracker vote-log to customise the vote log embed that is sent when someone votes.

  • vt!config set votetracker log-channel <channel> to set a log channel where votes will be logged.

  • vt!config set votetracker leaderboard-channel <channel> to set a leaderboard channel that updates itself every 6 hours.

  • vt!config set votetracker blacklist-role <role> to set a blacklist role, users with this role won’t have their votes registered.

Vote Tracker v0.5.3 Commands:
User Commands:
  • vt!vote get the server’s vote link.
  • vt!votes <user> to view someone’s votes.
  • vt!leaderboard <page> to view the leaderboard of top voters.
  • vt!reminder list to list all the reminders you have enabled across all servers.
  • vt!reminder <on | off> [guild ID] to toggle DM reminders in a guild.
Admin Commands:
  • vt!votes add <user> <amount> add or remove bonus votes, you can remove votes by using a negative number for the amount (e.g. if you do vt!votes add Shonne -3, it removes 3 votes from total votes).
  • vt!votes remove <user> <amount> remove bonus votes from someone.
  • vt!votes fake <user> <amount> add fake votes to a user (looks like a real vote and will be logged, used to test autoroles).
  • vt!votes reset <user | all> to reset someone’s or everyone’s votes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Vote Tracker Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Vote Tracker to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Vote Tracker Discord Bot' on this page.

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