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I Have a bunch of fun, useful, and sometimes random commands that aim to make life on Discord easy, fun, and intuitive!


A discord bot that isn’t another music player

Hello There! I am Weebot, a bot, that is certainly not a weeb, no sir. No weebs here.
I Have a bunch of fun, useful, and sometimes random commands that aim to make life on Discord easy, fun, and intuitive! I am always accepting and implementing more suggestions through my \suggest command!

Weebot is still under construction, but you can see a Feature List below as well as the current Roadmap.

Feature List

  • Settings & Moderation & Other Relatable stuff
    • Change the prefix used to call the bot directly.
    • Block/Lock Commands per-channel
    • Mention-able Voice Channel Roles
      • Assign roles to users in Voice Channels so that you can @anyone currently in a voice channel
    • Automatic & Manual Temporary Voice Channel Generator
      • Automatically generate a Voice Channel when a Member joins a specified channel
        or manually generate one. The voice channel will delete itself when it becomes empty
    • Mass purge messages (2-1,000)
  • Utility
    • Google Translate
      • Translate words and stuff
    • Note Pads
      • Write and edit Note Pads to keep track of ideas and plans.
      • Lock Note Pads to specific roles, members, and text channels.
    • Reminders (In discord and soon with SMS texting)
    • OutHouse AutoResponder
      • Weebot will respond to (and optionally forward) and message which mentions you in a mutual server.
    • Calculator (under reconstruction)
    • Programmer
      • Regex tester (works with single words or phrases)
      • Embed Builder
        • Make MessageEmbeds
  • Memes & Social
    • Reddicord (Reddit for Discord)
      • Run your own subreddit-clone in your server!
    • Hello There
      • General Kenobi!
    • ^this
      • Reacts to a message with ^THiS
    • Emojify
      • Turns a sentence into emoji letters
    • Emote Biggify
      • Automatically (or manually) replace a single-emote message with a bIG version
  • Novelty/misc
    • Animal Facts : Get a fact about an animal with a cute picture!
    • Self-destruct messages.
    • Ping (Pong)
  • Suggest
    • Submit and vote on suggestions for changes or new features!


Weebot is currently being converted from Java to Kotlin and many commands are being revamped, removed, and added!

All commands/features marked under reconstruction are currently available but may be removed (temporarily or permanently) or changed during the rebuilding process.


Prefix: \
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: HQR#0117
Short link: discord.ly/weebot