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I Have a bunch of fun, useful, and sometimes random commands that aim to make life on Discord easy, fun, and intuitive!
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A discord bot that isn’t another music player

Hello There! I am Weebot, a bot, that is certainly not a weeb, no sir. No weebs here.
I Have a bunch of fun, useful, and sometimes random commands that aim to make life on Discord easy, fun, and intuitive! I am always accepting and implementing more suggestions through my \suggest command!

Weebot is still under construction, but you can see a Feature List below as well as the current Roadmap.

Feature List

  • Settings & Moderation & Other Relatable stuff
    • Change the prefix used to call the bot directly.
    • Block/Lock Commands per-channel
    • Mention-able Voice Channel Roles
      • Assign roles to users in Voice Channels so that you can @anyone currently in a voice channel
    • Automatic & Manual Temporary Voice Channel Generator
      • Automatically generate a Voice Channel when a Member joins a specified channel
        or manually generate one. The voice channel will delete itself when it becomes empty
    • Mass purge messages (2-1,000)
  • Utility
    • Google Translate
      • Translate words and stuff
    • Note Pads
      • Write and edit Note Pads to keep track of ideas and plans.
      • Lock Note Pads to specific roles, members, and text channels.
    • Reminders (In discord and soon with SMS texting)
    • OutHouse AutoResponder
      • Weebot will respond to (and optionally forward) and message which mentions you in a mutual server.
    • Calculator (under reconstruction)
    • Programmer
      • Regex tester (works with single words or phrases)
      • Embed Builder
        • Make MessageEmbeds
  • Memes & Social
    • Reddicord (Reddit for Discord)
      • Run your own subreddit-clone in your server!
    • Hello There
      • General Kenobi!
    • ^this
      • Reacts to a message with ^THiS
    • Emojify
      • Turns a sentence into emoji letters
    • Emote Biggify
      • Automatically (or manually) replace a single-emote message with a bIG version
  • Novelty/misc
    • Animal Facts : Get a fact about an animal with a cute picture!
    • Self-destruct messages.
    • Ping (Pong)
  • Suggest
    • Submit and vote on suggestions for changes or new features!


Weebot is currently being converted from Java to Kotlin and many commands are being revamped, removed, and added!

All commands/features marked under reconstruction are currently available but may be removed (temporarily or permanently) or changed during the rebuilding process.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.