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Servers: 547
Users: 15,629
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Created by: enjoyablee#6969
Short link: discord.ly/welcomebud
WelcomeBud is a brand new welcoming bot with an extremely easy set-up, it also includes some fun commands to have fun with your friends!

WelcomeBud is a basic yet amusing “doorman” bot that welcomes users to your server. The bot is designed so it only takes a user few clicks to add this wonderful bot to their server and set it up. With a good customer service core and a good developer core we have managed to provide 24/7 runtime and 24/7 bot support to everyone. Users can also have some entertainment with the bot by adding their own custom-made welcome messages/phrases, custom commands, and other exciting commands to have some fun with your friends! We, the development team for WelcomeBud strive to provide a basic bot that thrills the user with a hot welcome! We try and update the bot frequently to meet all the demand. We have many in process updates to ensure WelcomeBud is the best welcomer, and blow away everyone’s expectations.