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Prefix: !
Created by: WideIrenaKan1#5105
Short link: discord.ly/wide
This bot can do all sorts of things like play games with you, play music, moderation and even a built-in calculator! It is a multi-purpose bot great for all your needs.

Fun Commands 🎲

  • !calc (equation): The bot will become a calculator! (Multiply: *, Divide: /)
  • !ping: Ping the bot and see how much ping you have!
  • !wide: The bot will send a private message.
  • !poll (question): The bot will make a simple yes or no poll.
  • !cat: The bot will send you a random picture of a cat
  • !say (word): The bot will say what you want it to say!
  • !rps: The bot will play rock, paper, scissors with you.
  • !8ball: It will become an 8ball 🎱
  • !rate: The bot will rate you or the person you mention
  • !kill: The bot will kill someone you mention(Not in real life though)
  • !roast: This bot will roast you or roast anyone you @mention
  • !dm [message]: The bot will dm what you ask it to say

Moderation 👩‍⚖️

  • !kick (user): It will kick the user
  • !ban (user): It will ban the user
  • !clear (amount): It will clear the amount of messages

Music 🎵🎶

  • !play (YT URL): Plays the song of the url
  • !skip: Skips the song in the queue
  • !stop: Stops all songs


  • !website: Gives link to YT channel
  • !invite: Link to invite the bot

And those are only some of the many commands in our bot! To find out more do !help. Anyways have a great day!