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Prefix: wi! Or custom
Created by: W-Legit#8985
Short link: discord.ly/wiko
Fun bot, moderation, meme, image manipulation. Can do most stuff normal bots can

If a bug was found please join the support server and report it.

If bot was down it means I’m adding more features to it / down for maintenance (Join the support server so I can know if you needed the bot to be on and I’ll try to turn it on as soon as possible)

------------------------------Moderation Commands------------------------------

Ban - Ban a member from your server

Unban - Unban a user from your server

kick - Kick a member from your server

mute - Mute a member from your server

tempban - Temporarily ban a member from your server

tempmute - Temporarily mute a member from your server

unmute - Unmute a member from your server

infractions - Check how many times the user have been muted and warned

clearinfractions - Clear an amount of warn or mutes from his infractions

warn - Warn a member from your server

This is all for now and there will be alot more comming in the future

------------------------------Currency Commands------------------------------

work - Work for some money

beg- Beg for some money

leaderboard - Check the global leaderboard

Currency system is multi-server and a lot more commands to come

------------------------------Fun Commands------------------------------

8ball - Ask a question for the bot and let him answer it

cat - Get a cute cat picture

dog - Get a cute dog picture

meme - Get a random funny meme

contrast - Check how your pfp / others pfp in contrast

invert - Check how your pfp / others pfp inverted

sepia - Check how your pfp / others pfp looks in sepia

------------------------------Info Commands------------------------------

avatar - Check someones avatar on discord

botinfo - Gives out information about the bot

serverinfo - Gives information about the current server

whois - Get information about your self / others in the server

------------------------------Misc Commands------------------------------

help - Gives out all commands in the bot

ping - Check the bots ping

setnickname - Change someones nickname in the server

uptime - Check how long the bot have been up

verify - Verification system for members to verify in discord

------------------------------Settings Commands------------------------------

setlogchannel - Set where you want the bot to log all moderation actions

setprefix - Change the bots prefix in your server

A lot more to come.

------------------------------Extra Commands------------------------------

rverify - Verify your roblox account

rsearch - Search for an account on roblox

asearch - Search for an anime movie and get details about it

ysearch - Search for a video on youtube

There is a lot more commands which you can find by running the help command in your server after inviting the bot