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Servers: 427
Users: 103,059
Upvotes this month: 67
Prefix: w.help
Created by: ShyPianoGuy#0001
Short link: discord.ly/wings
Music, Fun, Memes, Currency, Useful Utilities, and so much more coming soon! Wings will bring so much fun to your server.
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Wings Bot

The default prefix is w. (Yes, this is customizable)
This bot is a mini multi purpose bot for everyone to use. Has many amazing commands and many more cool features to come.


  • Many awesome music features FOR FREE.
  • Supports most links and platforms like Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, and more!
  • The sound quality is 100% cool 😎 and never has downtime.


  • Image manipulation!
  • Play the higher lower game!
  • Ship users and use the magic 8 ball

Economy (In development)

  • Awesome economy system, compete against friends from any server.
  • Lots of casino commands!
  • Play many fun mini games for some wings