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A gambling bot, with multiplayer versions of common games!

WooBot is intended to have animated, and visual games, rather than just some basic emoji. This means real gifs, and real tables.

How to use the bot

When you add the bot, you can set the prefix with w!setprefix [prefix]

You can tell the bot to allow blackjack in a channel with w!channelsetting blackjack true
or, the fight game with w!channelsetting fight true
or, the fight game with w!channelsetting roulette true
you can use false to disable it!

The games in this bot are multiplayer games, multiple players playing can make the board move away.
To combat this, the bot can delete player join messages.
To enable this feature, give the bot the manage messages permission.

Getting Balance

Balance is given once you speak, max once every 30 seconds.
You are given randomly 1-50 balance XP is also given, with the same value.
XP currently does nothing, but will in the future.
Users with the Manager Server permission can use spawn to spawn balance
w!spawn [amount]



Blackjack is a 1-5 player game. you can create/join a table with w!bj [bet amount]
Blackjack currently has two moves, hit or stand.
Doubling is planned, splitting may never come.


Fight is a 1-2 player game. You can challenge someone with w!fight <user tag> <bet amount>


Roulette is a 1-10 player game. You can play with w!roulette [bet amount] [bet type]
Bet types include black/red, even/odd, low/high(low is below 1-18, high is 19-36), any board number, column, dozen.
Some bet types have special formatting, use “w!help roulette” to learn more!
Roulette may be laggy the first few times you use it, until the gifs have been cached.


The bot has a w!help command
Since this bot will change very rapidly, I will not be laying out all the commands here
The help command will always be updated, so use it!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: w!
Servers: 54
Users: 61.6k
Created by: Woo#3304
Short link: discord.ly/woobot