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Created by: mudkipscience#8904
Short link: discord.ly/woomy
A highly configurable multipurpose bot for music, moderation, autoroling and more!
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Hi, I’m Woomy!
I’m a highly configurable multipurpose Discord bot with a ton of commands for you to mess around with. Here’s a list of just some of the things I can do:

❯ Moderation commands
❯ High quality music playback
❯ Use commands on users without even pinging them!
❯ User join/leave messages
❯ Chat logging
❯ Autoroling
❯ Fun commands like 8ball
❯ Easy to understand permission system

…and a whole lot more! Add me to a server and run ~help for my full command list. I’m actively developed and have a friendly support server where you can get help with the bot, suggest new features or just get announcements when new updates come out.