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Moderation and ticket bot created by Wumpus Developments


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WumpusMod’s default prefix is w!


Command Description Permission Required
Purge / Clear Deletes a large amount of messages Manage Message(s)
Nuke Deletes all the messages in a channel Manage Message(s)
Kick Kicks a user from the guild Kick Member(s)
Ban Bans a user from the guild. Ban Member(s)
Unban Unbans a user from the guild Ban Member(s)
Mute Mutes a user so they can’t talk (Timed Mutes Not Avaliable) Manage Role(s)
Unmute Unmutes a user so they can talk Manage Role(s)
Modlog Set the server’s modlog Manage Server

Ticket System

Command Description Permision Required
Ticket Creates a new ticket N/A
Adduser Adds a user to a ticket Creator of ticket or Supporters
Removeuser / Rmuser Removes a user from a ticket Creator of ticket or Supporters
Close Closes a ticket Creator of ticket or Supporters
Supporteradd Adds a user to the supporter role Manage Server
Ticketcategory Set which category tickets go into Manage Server
Ticketlogchannel Set the channel where ticketlogs get sent to. Manage Server
Mention Set the message sent once a ticket is created Manage Server
Supportrole Set wich role can respond to tickets Manage Server


Command Description Permissions Required
Help Help command. N/A
Ping Shows the bot’s current ping. N/A
Invite Sends a link to invite the bot. N/A
Support Sends a link to join the support server. N/A
Github Sends a link to view the github. N/A
Prefix Set’s the server’s prefix Manage Server

Required Permissions

Permission Reason
Delete Message(s) Purge command.
Kick Member(s) Kick command.
Ban Member(s) Ban / Unban
Manage Role(s) Supporter / Add Users / Remove Users / Mute commands.
Manage Channel(s) Ticket / Close commands.
Embed Links Embeds
Read and Send Message(s) DUH
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Prefix: Default prefix - w!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Polar#7284
Short link: discord.ly/wumpusmod