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A simple suggestion bot made by Wumpus Developments


Important Links


WumpusSuggester’s default prefix is s!

Suggestion System

Command Description Permision Required
Suggest Create a suggestion N/A
Approve / Accept Marks a suggestion as approved Staff Role
Deny Marks a suggestion as denied Staff Role
Consider / Maybe Marks a suggestion as considered Staff Role
Implement Marks a suggestion as implemented Staff Role
Note Add a note to a suggestion Staff Role
Suggestionchannel Sets which channel suggestions should be sent to Manage Server
Suggestionlogchannel Sets which channel suggestion related log should be sent to Manage Server
Staffrole Sets which role can accept and deny suggestions Manage Server


Command Description Permissions Required
Help Help command. N/A
Ping Shows the bot’s current ping. N/A
Information / Info Shows some basic information. N/A
Invite Sends a link to invite the bot. N/A
Support Sends a link to join the support server. N/A
Github Sends a link to view the github. N/A
Prefix Set’s the server’s prefix Manage Server

Required Permissions

Permission Reason
Embed Links Embeds
Read and Send Message(s) DUH

Suggestion not found

To approve / deny or do anything to a suggestion you must use the accept / deny commands in the suggestion channel.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.




Prefix: Default prefix - s!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Polar#7284
Short link: discord.ly/wumpussuggester